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Topic: OS

Programs that interact with a particular operating system or operating environment. This includes working with pipes, sockets, files, system flags, etc.

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Systems programming in Python
Scripts to find your largest and oldest files on a Unix system and a helper script to manage file and path information. Includes good descriptions of how the programs work. [Source: New Mexico Tech]

Python Win32 Extensions
Much of the Win32 API is available to Python programmers. A list of the supported API's can be found on this page.

JPython: The Felicitous Union of Python and Java
An excerpt from the book, Learning Python, A brief introduction to JPython, Python written for the Java Virtual Machine.

Python and COM
A slide show and tutorial on using Python with the Windows Common Object Model.

Macintosh Library Modules
Official documentation of the Macintosh modules for Python. [Source:]

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