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Testing PHP Code with PHPUnit (PHP DevCenter)
Type; reload web site; eyeball output; fix bugs; repeat--there's a better way to write PHP code! Testing gives you confidence not only that your code works, but also that you can make changes to improve your design and flexibility without breaking behavior. Sebastian Bergmann, the author of PHPUnit, shows how his library can help to ease your development woes.

A Detailed Look at PEAR (PHP DevCenter)
Joao Prado Maia sheds some light on some advanced coding techniques in PEAR, and teaches you how to read the PEAR source code.

Basic Control Structures (PHP DevCenter)
John Coggeshall covers the basics of program control structures, including conditional statements and looping using the if and while statements in PHP.

Installing PHP as an Apache DSO (PHP DevCenter)
Darrell Brogdon reviews how to install PHP as a dynamically shared object. This useful trick allows you to upgrade PHP without recompiling Apache.

Basic PHP Syntax (PHP DevCenter)
John Coggeshall covers basic PHP syntax, including variable usage, variable types, and how to print variables to the web browser.

Phorm Manager (PHP DevCenter)
In part four of a series on HTML form handling with PHP, Urb LeJeune creates the Phorm Manager, a Swiss Army knife of HTML form handling.

The PHP Configuration File (PHP DevCenter)
Darrell Brogdon explains how the php.ini file works.

The Universal Web Form Processor (Databases DevCenter)
Urb LeJeune embarks on a quest to create the ultimate script to process forms from web pages.

Installing PHP on a Windows System (PHP DevCenter)
Darrell Brogdon explains the steps required to install PHP on a Windows system.

PHP With HTML Forms (PHP DevCenter)
In part two of a series on using PHP and HTML forms, Urb LeJeune shows us how to create dynamic input fields such as radio buttons, check boxes, and drop menus.

Creating Dynamic Next / Previous Buttons with PHP and MySQL (PHP DevCenter)
Need to add Next / Previous buttons to your web site? Joao Prado Maia shows us how to program these buttons with a dynamic, reusable class using PHP and MySQL or PostGreSQL.

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