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Topic: Devices

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Unified Home Networks with the Fritzbox (Linux DevCenter)
The Fritzbox is an all-in-one Linux-based device that supports VoIP, home networking, and even some extension mechanisms. Hacker Guylhem Aznar explains how he simplified his home network with this device.

Rediscovering Bluetooth (Linux DevCenter)
Bluetooth is a powerful protocol. Its advantages over WiFi make it capable of doing a lot more than most people imagine--yet few people understand how to get the benefits. Guylhem Aznar walks through enabling Bluetooth on a Linux PC and connecting to useful devices.

Linux on Pocket PCs (Linux DevCenter)
While tiny, handheld computers may seem like geek toys, they're actually very practical for any environment with mobile data access -- hospitality, medicine, or finance -- and even for journalists. They can even run Linux. John Littler explores the Penguin-friendly heavy hitters in this area.

TTYs and X Window: Unix Now and Then (
Hubert Feyrer discusses the history of Unix terminal emulation and compares the X Window System to traditional terminal-based I/O.

Understanding Filesystem Inodes (BSD DevCenter)
Dru Lavigne finishes up her explanation of hard drives and Unix filesystems by explaining how inodes fit into the picture.

When Will We See Linux PDAs? (Linux DevCenter)
Tim Wilkinson, CEO of Transvirtual Technologies, talks about PocketLinux and the future of Linux in the palmtop.With audio

Linux PDAs: There's Rustling in the Bushes (Linux DevCenter)
Linux users craving a PDA running an open source OS might not have a bird in the hand yet ... but there's rustling in the bushes.

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