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Topic: Tools

Programs or libraries used to write or debug programs, and articles on the mechanics of a particular language. With operating systems, can include useful utilities, command lines, etc.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Single-User Subversion (Apache DevCenter)
Revision control isn't just for distributed, multi-developer teams. Rafael Garcia-Suarez introduces Subversion and explains how to use it for personal projects.

AxKit: An XML-Delivery Toolkit for Apache (Apache DevCenter)
Rael Dornfest introduces AxKit, an XML application server bringing together XSLT, Perl, and Apache for unrivaled content transformation.

WebDAV on OS X (Mac DevCenter)
WebDav support in Mac OS X (Public Beta 1) allows for simple remote management of web content. Here's how to start using it now.

Behlendorf Urges XML Developers to Support Apache Tools (General DevCenter)
At XTech 2000, Apache Group co-founder Brian Behlendorf preached the message that implementation of real tools was a more important goal than more debate and reiteration of XML standards.

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