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Topic: Configuration

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Profiling LAMP Applications with Apache's Blackbox Logs (SysAdmin DevCenter)
Benchmarking LAMP sites can be tricky; how do you know which pages or applications need tuning? Fortunately, you can easily tune your Apache logs to provide more useful profiling information. Chris Josephes explains a Blackbox log format for Apache httpd.

Simplify Your Life with Apache Virtual Hosts (Apache DevCenter)
Not every web site needs its own server or IP address. Apache and HTTP 1.1 both allow different sites to share a single box and a IP address. Russell Dyer explains how virtual hosts can make your life easier as a web developer and a system administrator.

Single-User Subversion (Apache DevCenter)
Revision control isn't just for distributed, multi-developer teams. Rafael Garcia-Suarez introduces Subversion and explains how to use it for personal projects.

Installing PHP on a Windows System (PHP DevCenter)
Darrell Brogdon explains the steps required to install PHP on a Windows system.

Securing Your Apache Server (Apache DevCenter)
This excerpt is from Chapter 13 of O'Reilly's book Apache: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition. Enable Apache to communicate securely over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Covers building, configuring, and securing an SSL-enabled Apache server under Unix.

Setting Up a Win32 Server (Apache DevCenter)
This excerpt from Chapter 2 of Apache: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition discusses starting, stopping, and basic configuration of Apache under Win32.

Log Rhythms (Apache DevCenter)
An introduction to the Apache server logs and their place in monitoring, security, marketing, and feedback.

An Amble Through Apache Configuration (Apache DevCenter)
Rael Dornfest introduces the Apache web server's configuration file, httpd.conf, and explains its settings.

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Apache Run-Time Configuration Directives
Details of each run-time directive in the Apache standard distribution, version 1.3x.

Web Server Configuration Tips
A support document that offers advice on some common configuration issues with Apache. [Source: Pair Networks]

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