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Four short links: 24 April 2013
by Nat Torkington
Solar Energy: This is What a Disruptive Technology Looks Like (Brian McConnell) — In 1977, solar cells cost upwards of $70 per Watt of capacity. In 2013, that cost has dropped to $0.74 per Watt, a 100:1 improvement (source: The …

Four short links: 17 April 2013
by Nat Torkington
Computer Software Archive (Jason Scott) — The Internet Archive is the largest collection of historical software online in the world. Find me someone bigger. Through these terabytes (!) of software, the whole of the software landscape of the last 50 …

Four short links: 5 November 2012
by Nat Torkington
The Psychology of Everything (YouTube) — illustrating some of the most fundamental elements of human nature through case studies about compassion, racism, and sex. (via Mind Hacks) Reports of Exempt Organizations (Public Resource) — This service provides bulk access to …

Checking in on Python
by Rachel Roumeliotis
Guido van Rossum is the creator of Python. I recently had the opportunity to talk with him about the state of the language. You probably don’t realize it, but Python’s capabilities are pushed every time you use YouTube and Dropbox. …

Python Issue with postgreSQL
by donfox
I'm new to postgreSQL! I'd like to use psql interactive commands like \d+ from inside python. Is there a way? I'm trying to use SQL or a psql command to determine the primary key of a table. Many thanks.

Updating cookie using python
by deepika
Hi, I am developing one application in which I need to update cookie for current session; For example: if the cookie key value is Key1:value1 then I want to set it like key1:value1|value2|value3 or something like this, means I want to set multiple values for one key. Please let me know solution Thank you, Deepika

Command Prompt in Python
by venom19
Hi, I have a windows 7 computer, and I am having trouble getting the command prompt in windows to work with python. Whenever I try to run a script file in the command prompt, I get the "No such file or directory error." [Errno2] Does someone know how to fix this for a relative beginner? I am stuck on page 15 of Programming Python by Mark Lutz. Apparently you're supposed to see �...

Python. Are these possible ?
by koqe3
1)Write a function that takes three numbers as parameters, and returns the centrifugal force. The formula for centrifugal force is: F = mrW2 F is force, r is radius, W is angular velocity. ....................................... 2) Write code to ask user for the three parameters in the above function, call the function and print out the result ................................................... 3)...

Please Help Me in PYTHON
by Jonathan Zerox
Please i need some help, i would like you to help me make a program that asks the user to enter a password and when the user enters the password in the password field the password is not shown in text nor figures. just like the linux kernel.( when you type sudo bash or sudo su ) i've searched everywhere and i found no help. Am Doing Python! Hoping to hear from you.

Four short links: 27 July 2012
by Nat Torkington
Social Media in China (Fast Company) — fascinating interview with Tricia Wang. We often don’t think we have a lot to learn from tech companies outside of the U.S., but Twitter should look to Weibo for inspiration for what can …

Using Python for Computer Vision
by Andy Oram
In this interview, Jan Erik Solem, author of the upcoming book "Programming Computer Vision with Python," describes the uses for some common operations, and choices programmers have.

Four short links: 15 May 2012
by Nat Torkington
Mobile Money (The Economist) -- Many people know that "mobile money"—financial transactions on mobile phones—has taken off in Africa. How far it has gone, though, still comes as a bit of a shock. Three-quarters of the countries that use mobile money most frequently are in Africa, and mobile banking in some of them has reached extraordinary levels. Akka --...

I would like a Python operating system to replace Windows--that I can tweak or add to. I am so sick of Windows. Why isn't there something?
by Phil82
I would like an operating system written in Python to replace Windows. Hasn't anybody done this yet?

Developer Week in Review: NASA says goodbye to big iron
by James Turner
This week, NASA marked the end of an era, as the last of its big iron is retired. Microsoft continues to signal that its forays into open source are legitimate. And a new open source gaming project has a little extra horse-power, thanks to the fans behind it.

To learn Python 3.x or Python 2.x
by Zenettii
In 2011, I started to learn Python, I began with 2.x just because thats what all the guides were covering, but because I'm new I've always wondered if I should have started at 3.x. I'm comfortable enough with the basics of Python to write some real basic stuff, but as I aim to progress to intermediate level, I want to gain better understand of the modules I can import, learn GUI codin...

Introducing PyXML Introducing PyXML
In the second Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji introduces PyXML, the add-on XML library which builds upon Python's core XML support. (Sep 25, 2002)

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