Call for Open Source Convention .Net Proposals

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Kevin Shockey

Kevin Shockey
Jan. 18, 2006 12:04 PM

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For the first time, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention will feature a Microsoft Windows track. The focus of this track will hopefully capture the growing momentum behind projects like Mono, mojoPortal, iFolder, TomBoy, F-Spot, Banshee, NHibernate, NAnt, and Nunit (just to name a few).

I believe that this new track addition recognizes this growing momentum and seeks to share it with the broader open source community. Of course a lot of the momentum is due to the ongoing success of Mono. Mono is now on release 1.1.13, which marks a feature freeze point for Mono in preparation for Mono 1.2. Windows.Forms is the only piece left before they officially move to version 1.2 of Mono. Their aim is to release Windows.Forms functionality that implements the .NET 1.1 API. From the news available, the most visible missing pieces left are Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and a few RichTextBox features.

I'm writing to encourage the various project communities from these projects to submit proposals. It is important for us to respond, now that we have been given an opportunity. Think of it this way. As much as we might enjoy contributing to a project, I think most would agree that they get even more enjoyment when people use their software. The O'Reilly Open Source Convention offers the opportunity to expose your projects, your software, and yourself to a wide audience of perhaps some of the most influential people in the software industry. I can't think of any other event that offers the same opportunity. It simply is "the" place for the open source community to meet up and connect face to face.

With the recent announcement of Mono's inclusion in the next release of Fedora Core, it is clear that .Net related open source is growing. Now is the time to share your knowledge and love of .Net with the world, don't hesitate, navigate to the Submit a proposal page, and take the first step!

Kevin Shockey is an emerging high technology entrepreneur.