ka-Map open source "Google map" style application

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Tyler Mitchell
May. 18, 2005 03:19 PM

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URL: http://ka-map.maptools.org/...

Amidst raving about Google maps capabilities, an new open source project pops up that does many of the same things.

ka-Map, released by DM Solutions, handles many of the same web mapping challenges that Google has handled so well. The project is being opened up for open source participation, improvements and testing. It looks very promising and powerful, with a ton of great data loaded behind and powered by the open source MapServer.

Here is a quote from the main project page:

ka-Map currently has a number of interesting features. It sports the usual array of user interface elements such as:

  • interactive, continuous panning without reloading the page
  • keyboard navigation options (zooming, panning)
  • zooming to pre-set scales
  • scalebar, legend and keymap support
  • optional layer control on client side (layers are made visible instantly but at reduced performance due to more images, and potentially slower browser interactivity)


    Tyler Mitchell is the author of Web Mapping Illustrated - a book focused on teaching how to use popular Open Source Geospatial Toolkits. He works as the Executive Director of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, aka OSGeo.