IBM calls for patent reform / "WikiPriorArtia?" ""

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Damien Stolarz
Apr. 12, 2005 12:29 AM

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"Because of the Internet, you can have thousands if not millions of individuals around the world share information about whether that invention actually took place years and years ago. You'll find volunteers and others interested in a public inspection of patents. The technology [currently] exists for that."

"We are saying that the granting of it, inspection of it, challenge, and post grant should be enhanced to take full advantage of new technologies and also the brain power of people around the world to make sure it is truly new things that are coming out."

-Jim Stallings, vice-president, intellectual property and standards, IBM

Interesting and practical - he suggests that it isn't just the responsibility of the patent office; that it should be the responsibility of the academic community and others.

I think I agree. What shall we call the collaberative site where people go to evaluate patents? WikiPatenta? WikiPriorArtica?

Damien Stolarz is an inventor who's made different kinds of computers talk to each other for a decade. He co-founded Blue Falcon Networks to architect and develop networking software. In 2002, Damien created Robotarmy, a high-technology consulting firm.