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Jean Hollis Weber

Jean Hollis Weber
Aug. 30, 2004 06:16 PM

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This message was posted to the OOo [discuss] list on 26 August.

Hello everyone,

We have a very important announcement, and a call for help.

Our very own Ryan Singer (marketing project) has been meeting with the Mozilla Foundation, to forge an alliance between our two projects.

This is a very exciting time. There has always been a cordial relationship between our two projects. And there are natural synergies between the two.

For starters, Mozilla will begin shipping a Mozilla+OOo CD from their mozilla store.

This is where YOU come in (yes, you). We need 3 volunteers to work with Ryan:

  • One to help with art.
  • One to help with marketing material.
  • One to help with technical issues (in particular, an installer).

The Mozilla team will provide 3 volunteers to match.

If you have been wanting to contribute to OOo, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!

This is what you should do next:

I look forward to meeting you at marketing.

Cheers, Daniel Carrera

Jean Hollis Weber has worked as a technical publications consultant for the past 12 years. She has written books, taught short courses in technical writing and editing, and presented parts of graduate and undergraduate courses at several Australian universities. She maintains several web sites, including one for technical editors and one about