Mono goes beta

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Edd Dumbill

Edd Dumbill
May. 05, 2004 11:44 AM

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The first beta release of Mono is out! Headed for a 1.0 release in late June, Mono's starting to look very polished indeed.

I've been using Mono for several months now, mostly with the IDE MonoDevelop. Talking with other hackers who've started playing with Mono, we've agreed that the best thing about Mono is that it's fun to program in.

It's always a matter of subjective opinion, of course, but here's why Mono and C# is fun. You benefit from object-orientation and comprehensive API library.

A bit like Java.

You don't however have stupid restrictions like one public class per file, or a rigid deeply nested directory structure. You don't have to give up make or autotools.

A bit like C.

You don't however have to worry about memory management, or traipse through the heap in the increasingly cranky gdb debugger. And compilation is blisteringly fast. So fast, it may as well be interpreted.

A bit like Python.

Except that the strong typing means you catch more errors up front. And that your libraries can be re-used from other languages that interoperate with the common runtime.

So if you're finding your development cycle on Linux getting bogged down, why not give Mono a whirl?

Edd Dumbill is co-chair of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. He is also chair of the XTech web technology conference. Edd conceived and developed Expectnation, a hosted service for organizing and producing conferences. Edd has also been Managing Editor for, a Debian developer, and GNOME contributor. He writes a blog called Behind the Times.