Open Source @ Comdex Winners & Results.

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Steve Mallett

Steve Mallett
Nov. 06, 2003 04:50 PM

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Ladies and Gentleman, we are very pleased to announce the winners, as you voted, for the projects that will be attending Comdex at the "Open Source Pavilion":

In order of most votes:
Plone 1690
KDE 1334
OpenOffice 1302
Zope 1069
Gimp 705
Gnome 551

Eclipse 501
mplayer 458
Evolution 429
Subversion 410
SpamAssassin 364
GNUCash 292
Audacity 256
Gaim 229
SquirrelMail 184
tightVNC 165
XMMS 137
phpMyAdmin 125
Zoe 121 (current versions no longer open source - Steve, Jan '05
MoinMoin 89
NoCatAuth 60

The top six projects have been contacted and have confirmed their attendance for the Pavilion.

If you are in the neighborhood of Vegas during the week of the 17 - 20th we encourage you to stop in to say hello and bring potential converts. On hand will also be Rael Dornfest and Rob Flickenger, authors of Google Hacks & Mac OS X Hacks, and Linux Server Hacks & Wireless Hacks respectively.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in voting, I know the winners certainly appreciate it.

Steve Mallett is the founder and managing editor of (Open Source Directory), and does a bunch of other stuff.