Python Success Stories: 8 True Tales of Flexibility, Speed, and Improved Productivity

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Todd Mezzulo

Todd Mezzulo
May. 30, 2003 02:52 PM

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At OíReilly weíve been keeping a close eye on the paradigm shift thatís occurring in the computer industry and the (positive) impact its having on open source programming languages such as Python. The computing landscape has been transformed over the course of the last decade from one focused on the PC to a new web-based model where many of the new killer applications run on the LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-Perl/PHP/Python) platform. In the new paradigm applications are continually updated as new data becomes available and dynamic languages like Python are an essential key to this shift.

But even non-programmers like me know Python is good for a whole heck of a lot more than web programming. Itís a highly adaptable (and scalable), full-featured, object-oriented programming language thatís suitable for a wide variety of jobs. Its stable and mature, has large and powerful standard libraries, and integrates extremely well with C, C++, or Java code, and COM objects. The future looks bright for Python and its with great delight that Iím finally posting this booklet of Python Success Stories. In the coming weeks we'll be featuring each story from this booklet to put the spotlight on these companies that are using Python, and to further illustrate the power of Python. When you consider the wide range and scope of these projects, itís easy to see why Python is so much more than just a scripting language.

Special thanks for this collection must go to Stephan Deibel, the man behind Pythonology. Stephan collected, housed, and beautifully edited all of the stories included in this booklet, and he continues to post new success stories as theyíre submitted. Stephan also worked to secure the bonus introduction material from Alex Martelli and Guido van Rossum. All we had to do was print and publish the stories. Which is a pleasure!

Todd Mezzulo is a product manager at O'Reilly Media, Inc..