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What Is a BlackBerry by Dave Mabe
Wondered what a BlackBerry really does, and whether you should have one? Dave Mabe looks at six reasons why the BlackBerry is a true productivity tool, from its push email capabilities to its corporate customer features, and more. Dave is author of the upcoming BlackBerry Hacks. 09/15/2005

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What Is a Smartphone by Michael Juntao Yuan
A single device that can act as mobile phone and PDA is much better than having to carry multiple devices, hence the emergence of the smartphone. Michael Yuan discusses the evolution of the device. Then, for users, he details key features to look for when you're buying a smartphone. For developers, he describes the programming languages and APIs you can use to develop smartphone apps. Yuan is the author of Nokia Smartphone Hacks. 08/23/2005

Mapping the 802.11 Protocol by Matthew Gast
A trip to London and a bit of unique inspiration gave Matthew Gast the ideas that would lead to the first draft of a visual map describing the relationship between the various components of the 802.11 standard and related security standards. Matthew details the road he took to the final version of his 802.11 protocol map. Matthew is the author of 802.11: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition. 05/20/2005

Top Ten 802.11 Myths of 2005 by Matthew Gast
Are security and mobility really the keys to the design of wireless networks? Is 802.11n really on its way? Is 802.1X really too difficult to use? Matthew Gast debunks these and other 802.11 myths for 2005. Matthew is the author of 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition. 05/02/2005

Federated Network Authentication by Matthew Gast
How can academic network administrators cope with the "roaming scholar" problem--that is, users having to use several guest provisioning processes to roam across wireless networks on a campus? This challenge applies outside the university setting too. Matthew Gast shows you how federated network authentication can make roaming easier for users and admins alike. 04/08/2005

Communicating with the Nokia 9500 by Ewan Spence
The 9500 is the latest in Nokia's Communicator range. But is it good enough to keep up with today's smartphones? Ewan Spence finds out. 01/31/2005

A Look at HP's iPaq 4150 by Wei-Meng Lee
HP's iPaq 4150 will go wireless anywhere with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Get the lowdown in Wei-Meng Lee's test drive of the 4150. 01/24/2005

A Review of PalmOne’s Zire 72 and 31 by Wei-Meng Lee
Wei-Meng Lee takes a look at a couple of PalmOne devices, and is pleased by what he finds. 01/17/2005

Transferring Files to Your Pocket PC Using Infrared by Wei-Meng Lee
It may be old tech, but using infrared can be a handy way to sync up your Pocket PC on the road. 10/25/2004

Displaying Pocket PC and Smartphone Screens on Your PC by Wei-Meng Lee
Stuck for how to project your Pocket PC in a presentation? Remote Display Control comes to the rescue. 10/15/2004

Wireless Surveying on the Pocket PC by Wei-Meng Lee
Wei-Meng Lee surveys some of the tools you can use to locate wireless networks when on the road with your Pocket PC. He also touches on the topic of wardriving and its various derivatives. Wei-Meng is the author of Windows XP Unwired. 05/27/2004

Microsoft Smartphone Tips and Tricks by Wei-Meng Lee
Ultimately, smartphones are only as smart as the applications that run on them. Wei-Meng Lee begins a new series that explores what's possible, and what's practical, with these powerful mobile devices. 05/14/2004

Treo 600: Not Your Parents' PalmPilot by Ian F. Darwin
Palm's Handspring Treo 600 is at the very high end of the PDA spectrum. It provides full PalmOS5.2 support with a fast 144MHz ARM processor, a full GSM or CDMA cell phone, full proxyless web browsing and email support, synchronization with Palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook, a 640 by 480 camera with the ability to email directly from the camera, and an SD/MMC card slot. Ian Darwin takes you inside in this in-depth review. 04/30/2004

Creating Web Content for Mobile Phone Browsers, Part 2 by Robert Jones
In part 1 of this series, Robert Jones explained the ins and outs of the WML and XHTML MP markup languages. Now he tackles the diversity of phones and how to create content for them. 02/20/2004

Creating Web Content for Mobile Phone Browsers, Part 1 by Robert Jones
To develop successful web content for mobile phones, you need to understand the technical limitations of their browsers, the diversity of existing hardware, and the practical difficulties and frustrations faced by users trying navigate from a phone keypad. In the first article of this two-part series, Robert Jones shows you how. 02/06/2004

The Motorola MPx200 Smartphone 2002 by Todd Ogasawara
The Motorola MPx200 is the first GSM/GPRS smartphone based on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002 platform available in the United States. Todd Ogasawara takes a look at the hardware and the platform it uses. 01/30/2004

Wireless Mesh Networking by Tomas Krag and Sebastian Büettrich
Tomas Krag and Sebastian Büettrich take a look at some of the principles of wireless mesh networking, and they provide a simple test scenario for running a mesh routing protocol on a Linux-based computer. Tomas will discuss wireless networks as a low-cost, decentralized alternative for the developing world at the upcoming Emerging Technology Conference. 01/22/2004

Design Considerations for Microsoft Smartphone Applications by Wei-Meng Lee
Microsoft has recently announced support for the .NET CF in the new SmartPhone 2003. Here are some things to keep in mind when developing .NET CF SmartPhone applications, by Wei-Meng Lee. Wei-Meng will be discussing Smartphones in his tutorial, Developing Smartphone Applications with the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, at O'Reilly's upcoming 2004 Emerging Technology Conference. 01/07/2004

Securing AirPort Extreme Networks with WPA by Wei-Meng Lee
With the release of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, Apple also provided a firmware upgrade for the AirPort Extreme Base Station and AirPort Extreme clients, which support the WPA security standard. WPA is far more secure than WEP. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to set it up. 12/18/2003

Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review by Todd Ogasawara
Sony Ericsson calls the T610 camera phone an "image and entertainment" phone instead of a smartphone. It is based on the proprietary Sony Ericsson OS, and it can run applications written in Java. Todd Ogasawara shows you the ins and outs of this compact phone that includes camera and Bluetooth capabilities. 12/11/2003

TFTP and Error Correction by Heath Johns
TFTP's (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) design is revealing the same way that a car's airbags are. As an airbag testifies to the probability and violent nature of a crash, so TFTP's design speaks of frequent and catastrophic data misadventure. Heath Johns helps you get your head around this specification. 12/04/2003

Squeezing NAT Out of Panther Server by Glenn Fleishman
All Glenn Fleishman wanted was for Panther Server (Mac OS X Server 10.3) to hand out private Network Address Translation (NAT) managed addresses over DHCP. In client-side Panther he simply checks a box to enable this. But not so for the server. Here's how he figured it out. 11/25/2003

Improvising Your Own Wireless Router by Wei-Meng Lee
Wei-Meng Lee is back this week with an article on using the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature available in Windows XP to improvise a wireless router, allowing you to wirelessly (and cheaply) share an Internet connection with multiple computers in your home. Wei-Meng is the author of Windows XP Unwired. 10/31/2003

Enabling BSS Master Mode on Hermes-Based Radios by Rob Flickenger
Rob Flickenger is back with yet another excerpt from his latest book, the recently released Wireless Hacks. This week, Rob shows you what you'll need to do to operate a Hermes-based radio card--the kind found in the original AirPort AP--as BSS master. 10/24/2003

Do-It-Yourself Access Point Hardware by Rob Flickenger
Rob Flickenger is back this week with another excerpt from his latest book, the recently released Wireless Hacks. Like the title of this hack says, Rob offers do-it-yourselfers four PC-compatible hardware solutions you can buy--without breaking the bank--to build and run your own custom access point. 10/02/2003

Resolving SSID Conflicts in Windows XP by Wei-Meng Lee
Windows XP automatically connects to a wireless network of your choice. But if two wireless networks have the same Service Set Identifier (SSID), you have to do some tweaking to connect to the right one. Wei-Meng Lee, author of Windows XP Unwired, shows you how. 09/26/2003

The Nokia 3650 GSM/GPRS Phone with Camera, Bluetooth, and More by Todd Ogasawara
The Nokia 3650 is a multi-functional device that happens to also to preform well as a cell phone. Todd Ogasawara puts the Nokia through its photo, video, Bluetooth, and PDA paces, and reports his findings. 09/11/2003

WET11 Upgrades by Rob Flickenger
Many people use the WET11 to connect devices that otherwise can't accommodate a radio with their wireless network. But these features aren't nearly enough for wireless hackers. In this excerpt from Wireless Hacks, author Rob Flickenger offers a couple of nifty hacks that significantly increase the range, sensitivity, and functionality of your WET11. 09/04/2003

Back to the Future: New Wi-Fi Bridges Use 1999 Standard by Glenn Fleishman
Wireless bridging comes in two forms: 1) the Wi-Fi signal bridged via an internal router in an access point or gateway to a wired network, and 2) wireless-to-wireless bridging using the Wireless Distribution System (WDS). Glenn Fleishman brings you up-to-speed on the evolution of this technology. 08/28/2003

Dispelling the Myth of Wireless Security by Rob Flickenger
Want to find out for yourself just how secure your standard wireless network really is? Rob Flickenger lets you in on what it took to circumvent the security of his own standard 802.11b network. Read what he discovered in this excerpt from his latest book, Wireless Hacks. 08/14/2003

When Is 54 Not Equal to 54? A Look at 802.11a, b, and g Throughput by Matthew Gast
According to the model, 802.11g is significantly faster than 802.11b. In a network consisting only of 802.11g clients, it is even slightly faster than 802.11a. However, "protection" mechanisms added to 802.11g to ensure backwards compatibility with legacy 802.11b clients can cut the throughput by 50 percent or more. Matthew Gast explains. 08/08/2003

Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC 2003 by Todd Ogasawara
A casual glance at Windows Mobile software for Pocket PC 2003 creates the impression that little has changed between the 2002 and 2003 releases. This is not the case; there are significant improvements that will be most noticeable to power users, enterprise users, and developers. Here's an overview. 07/24/2003

Point-to-Point Links by Rob Flickenger
In this excerpt from Chapter 7 of Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition, author Rob Flickenger offers practical tips on wireless point-to-point networking he learned from the field. If you're working on long-distance networks, these techinques will help you to accurately and optimally position your dish. 07/17/2003

Amish for QWERTY by Cory Doctorow
I learned to type before I learned to write. The QWERTY keyboard layout is hard-wired to my brain. But last week, my pride got pricked. I was brung low by a phone. I'm 31, and suddenly I'm obsolete. Or at least Amish. 07/09/2003

Making the Palm-Bluetooth Connection by David Weiss
The beauty of two devices sharing data over Bluetooth is that they don't have to be pointing toward one another. So you can browse the Web on your PDA while the cell phone is safe and sound in your backpack. Here's how it works. 05/22/2003

Using the Sony Ericsson P800 Smartphone by Wei-Meng Lee
The Sony Ericsson P800 is a tri-band smartphone (which means you can use it in Asia as well as in Europe and the US) that is jam packed with features. At its core is the Symbian OS version 7.0. Wei Meng Lee puts the Sony through its paces and reports his findings here. 04/17/2003

Inspector Gadget and the Sony Clié PEG-NX70V by David Weiss
Most PDAs strive to be as light and inexpensive as possible, but not the Sony NX70V. It's a complete entertainment package that fits in your pocket, but might not be a good fit for your pocketbook. David Weiss explores. 03/27/2003

Setting Up an 802.11b Home Wireless Network by Wei-Meng Lee
There’s lots of new WiFi equipment available for home or the small office environment. Wei Meng Lee shows you how to set up, secure, and enjoy today's 802.11b hardware for tangle-free networking. 03/21/2003

A Week with the Handspring Treo 300 by David Weiss
It's a phone ... it's a PDA ... it's a pager; no, it's the Treo 300! Handspring has set out to replace all of those devices you have stuffed in every open pocket with just one svelte communicator. Did they suceed? David Weiss switches to a Treo 300 for a week and files this report. 03/13/2003

Hot Spots Start to Get Real by Glenn Fleishman
More and more public locations are cutting the Internet cord and going wireless. Glenn Fleishman provides you with an update of who's hot, and who's not. 03/06/2003

An Overview of 802.11a and 802.11b Products by Wei-Meng Lee
Even though 802.11g has grabbed recent WiFi headlines, there's lots of useful 802.11a and 802.11b equipment available and ready for you to use right now. Wei Meng Lee provides you with this overview. 02/06/2003

A Closer Look at the Palm Tungsten by Wei-Meng Lee
Palm's high-end pro PDA has a new processor and uses OS version 5, not to mention it features built-in Bluetooth. But there's more to the Tungsten T than initially meets the eye, and Wei Meng Lee provides you with a closer look. 01/30/2003

802.11g's "Extreme" Emergence by Adam Engst and Glenn Fleishman
The 802.11g spec uses a relatively new method of encoding bits onto radio waves in such a way as to squeeze up to 54 Mbps of raw data across a single channel. Apple has embraced this new technology in its AirPort Extreme radio cards. Here's how it works. 01/23/2003

Can't Afford a Tablet PC? Try This! by Wei-Meng Lee and Brian Jepson
For about a $100, you can create a Tablet PC experience on your Windows laptop, complete with handwriting recognition. 01/16/2003

Understanding Zeroconf and Multicast DNS by Heath Johns
Zeroconf, and its competitor UPnP, provide for automatic configuration and address allocation on either Ethernet or wireless networks. But it's a good bet that this protocol will become wildly popular in the wireless world. Here's how it works. 12/20/2002

SMS Messaging Using the Pocket PC by Wei-Meng Lee
Because of their storage capacity and portability, Pocket PCs are ideal companions for Bluetooth-enabled phones and SMS messaging. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to easily set it up. 12/13/2002

A Dispatch from the Road: Margi Presenter-to-Go by Matthew Gast
Laptops are great for travel, but Pocket PCs are quickly gaining ground because they pack great functionality into small packages--you can even connect them to projectors for PowerPoint presentations. Matthew Gast takes his iPAQ on the road with Presenter-to-Go and generates as much interest in his setup as in his actual lecture. 12/05/2002

Use Bluetooth for SMS by Wei-Meng Lee
If you've ever tried to hammer out SMS messages on your tiny cell phone, you'll appreciate the joy of using your computer keyboard instead. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how Mac OS X makes Short Message Service easy. 11/27/2002

Is Bluetooth a Viable Alternative to 802.11b? by Wei-Meng Lee
Both wireless technologies have their strengths. Wei-Meng Lee explores the possiblity of using a Bluetooth Access Point at home for his wireless Internet browsing, with a good look at the tools necessary for the job. 11/21/2002