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Question:  How do I submit a patch to the Apache Group?

The Apache Group encourages patches from outside developers. There are 2 main "types" of patches: small bugfixes and general improvements. Bugfixes should be submitting using the Apache bug report page. Improvements, modifications, and additions should follow the instructions below.

In general, the first course of action is to be a member of the mailing list. This indicates to the Group that you are closely following the latest Apache developments. Your patch file should be generated using either 'diff -c' or 'diff -u' against the latest CVS tree. To submit your patch, send email to with a Subject: line that starts with [PATCH] and includes a general description of the patch. In the body of the message, the patch should be clearly described and then included at the end of the message. If the patch-file is long, you can note a URL to the file instead of the file itself. Use of MIME enclosures/attachments should be avoided.

Be prepared to respond to any questions about your patches and possibly defend your code. If your patch results in a lot of discussion, you may be asked to submit an updated patch that incorporate all changes and suggestions.

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