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   Apache FAQ > F. Dynamic Content (CGI and SSI)
Question:  Why don't my parsed files get cached?

Since the server is performing run-time processing of your SSI directives, which may change the content shipped to the client, it can't know at the time it starts parsing what the final size of the result will be, or whether the parsed result will always be the same. This means that it can't generate Content-Length or Last-Modified headers. Caches commonly work by comparing the Last-Modified of what's in the cache with that being delivered by the server. Since the server isn't sending that header for a parsed document, whatever's doing the caching can't tell whether the document has changed or not - and so fetches it again to be on the safe side.

You can work around this in some cases by causing an Expires header to be generated. (See the mod_expires documentation for more details.) Another possibility is to use the XBitHack Full mechanism, which tells Apache to send (under certain circumstances detailed in the XBitHack directive description) a Last-Modified header based upon the last modification time of the file being parsed. Note that this may actually be lying to the client if the parsed file doesn't change but the SSI-inserted content does; if the included content changes often, this can result in stale copies being cached.

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