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   Apache FAQ > H. URL Rewriting
Question:  Why is mod_rewrite so difficult to learn and seems so complicated?

Hmmm... there are a lot of reasons. First, mod_rewrite itself is a powerful module which can help you in really all aspects of URL rewriting, so it can be no trivial module per definition. To accomplish its hard job it uses software leverage and makes use of a powerful regular expression library by Henry Spencer which is an integral part of Apache since its version 1.2. And regular expressions itself can be difficult to newbies, while providing the most flexible power to the advanced hacker.

On the other hand mod_rewrite has to work inside the Apache API environment and needs to do some tricks to fit there. For instance the Apache API as of 1.x really was not designed for URL rewriting at the .htaccess level of processing. Or the problem of multiple rewrites in sequence, which is also not handled by the API per design. To provide this features mod_rewrite has to do some special (but API compliant!) handling which leads to difficult processing inside the Apache kernel. While the user usually doesn't see anything of this processing, it can be difficult to find problems when some of your RewriteRules seem not to work.

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