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   Apache FAQ > F. Dynamic Content (CGI and SSI)
Question:  How can I get my script's output without Apache buffering it? Why doesn't my server push work?

As of Apache 1.3, CGI scripts are essentially not buffered. Every time your script does a "flush" to output data, that data gets relayed on to the client. Some scripting languages, for example Perl, have their own buffering for output - this can be disabled by setting the $| special variable to 1. Of course this does increase the overall number of packets being transmitted, which can result in a sense of slowness for the end user.

Prior to 1.3, you needed to use "nph-" scripts to accomplish non-buffering. Today, the only difference between nph scripts and normal scripts is that nph scripts require the full HTTP headers to be sent.

This FAQ is from Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions

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