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Question:  I upgraded to Apache 1.3 and now my virtual hosts don't work!

In versions of Apache prior to 1.3b2, there was a lot of confusion regarding address-based virtual hosts and (HTTP/1.1) name-based virtual hosts, and the rules concerning how the server processed <VirtualHost> definitions were very complex and not well documented.

Apache 1.3b2 introduced a new directive, NameVirtualHost, which simplifies the rules quite a bit. However, changing the rules like this means that your existing name-based <VirtualHost> containers probably won't work correctly immediately following the upgrade.

To correct this problem, add the following line to the beginning of your server configuration file, before defining any virtual hosts:

NameVirtualHost n.n.n.n

Replace the "n.n.n.n" with the IP address to which the name-based virtual host names resolve; if you have multiple name-based hosts on multiple addresses, repeat the directive for each address.

Make sure that your name-based <VirtualHost> blocks contain ServerName and possibly ServerAlias directives so Apache can be sure to tell them apart correctly.

Please see the Apache Virtual Host documentation for further details about configuration.

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