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   Apache FAQ > D. Error Log Messages and Problems Starting Apache
Question:  When I run it under Linux I get "shmget: function not found", what should I do?

Your kernel has been built without SysV IPC support. You will have to rebuild the kernel with that support enabled (it's under the "General Setup" submenu). Documentation for kernel building is beyond the scope of this FAQ; you should consult the Kernel HOWTO, or the documentation provided with your distribution, or a Linux newsgroup/mailing list. As a last-resort workaround, you can comment out the #define USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD definition in the LINUX section of src/conf.h and rebuild the server (prior to 1.3b4, simply removing #define HAVE_SHMGET would have sufficed). This will produce a server which is slower and less reliable.

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