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Question:  Why won't Apache compile with my system's cc?

If the server won't compile on your system, it is probably due to one of the following causes:

  • The Configure script doesn't recognize your system environment.
    This might be either because it's completely unknown or because the specific environment (include files, OS version, et cetera) isn't explicitly handled. If this happens, you may need to port the server to your OS yourself.
  • Your system's C compiler is garbage.
    Some operating systems include a default C compiler that is either not ANSI C-compliant or suffers from other deficiencies. The usual recommendation in cases like this is to acquire, install, and use gcc.
  • Your include files may be confused.
    In some cases, we have found that a compiler installation or system upgrade has left the C header files in an inconsistent state. Make sure that your include directory tree is in sync with the compiler and the operating system.
  • Your operating system or compiler may be out of revision.
    Software vendors (including those that develop operating systems) issue new releases for a reason; sometimes to add functionality, but more often to fix bugs that have been discovered. Try upgrading your compiler and/or your operating system.

The Apache Group tests the ability to build the server on many different platforms. Unfortunately, we can't test all of the OS platforms there are. If you have verified that none of the above issues is the cause of your problem, and it hasn't been reported before, please submit a problem report. Be sure to include complete details, such as the compiler & OS versions and exact error messages.

This FAQ is from Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions

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