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   Apache FAQ > B. General Technical Questions
Question:  Why isn't there a binary for my platform?

The developers make sure that the software builds and works correctly on the platforms available to them; this does not necessarily mean that your platform is one of them. In addition, the Apache HTTP server project is primarily source oriented, meaning that distributing valid and buildable source code is the purpose of a release, not making sure that there is a binary package for all of the supported platforms.

If you don't see a kit for your platform listed in the binary distribution area (<URL:>), it means either that the platform isn't available to any of the developers, or that they just haven't gotten around to preparing a binary for it. As this is a voluntary project, they are under no obligation to do so. Users are encouraged and expected to build the software themselves.

The sole exception to these practices is the Windows package. Unlike most Unix and Unix-like platforms, Windows systems do not come with a bundled software development environment, so we do prepare binary kits for Windows when we make a release. Again, however, it's a voluntary thing and only a limited number of the developers have the capability to build the InstallShield package, so the Windows release may lag somewhat behind the source release. This lag should be no more than a few days at most.

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