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Living Linux

How does a new Linux user go about getting day-to-day tasks accomplished using open source software? This series of articles by Michael Stutz offers some solutions to newbies and advanced users alike.
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Open Source Beyond Software
Software isn't the only thing that can be open source. Michael Stutz shows us how to apply the open source philosophy to other projects. Aug. 1, 2000

Linux and the Tools Philosophy
Michael Stutz explains the Unix tools philosophy of piping commands together and how it applies to Linux Jul. 25, 2000

Scanning Images With SANE
Getting a scanner to work on a Linux system hasn't always been smooth going. SANE works with a variety of scanning hardware, and Michael Stutz shares some tips for using it. Jul. 18, 2000

Transforming Images
Need to rotate, resize, or resample an image for the web? Michael Stutz shows us some really useful image tools that you can run from a script. Jul. 11, 2000

Beyond Browsing the Web
Can't get Netscape running, but you need to surf the web? There are other ways of getting to the information you seek, including graphics. Jul. 5, 2000

Connecting to the Internet
This week's column shows where to get the latest Linux documentation for connecting to the Internet and how to set up a dial-up connection. Jun. 27, 2000

Reminding Yourself With Linux
Here's a few simple ways to use Linux and open source tools to make reminders for either later in your current login session, or for the next time you log in. Jun. 20, 2000

Contact Managers
Use basic UNIX tools to keep track of phone numbers and addresses. Jun. 13, 2000

Managing Appointments
Keep track of your schedule using the calendar tool. It also tracks most major holidays. Jun. 6, 2000

LyX, the Document Processor
LyX brings a GUI to documentation projects, making it easy for beginners to contribute.  May. 30, 2000

Managing Documents With SGMLtools
Learn how to contribute to documentation projects using SGML and LinuxDoc. May. 23, 2000

The Writer's Workbench
Michael Stutz explains the Writers Workbench and how it has been rewritten for Linux. May. 5, 2000

Printing Banners and Signs
How to print simple banners and signs in Linux. Apr. 28, 2000

Document Templates for TeX and LaTeX
Michael Stutz shows how to make TeX and LaTex input files using a few simple templates. Apr. 21, 2000

Processing TeX and LaTeX Files
In his third Living Linux column, Michael Stutz shows how to process files in two popular typesetting formats. Apr. 12, 2000

Outputting Text
Using GNU Enscript to format text for printing. Apr. 4, 2000

Linux Word Processing Road Map
Michael Stutz goes over your options for word processing, and why we may be moving past the word processor era to a time when we take a different view of how we create, store, and output text. Mar. 28, 2000

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