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Megnut is a monthly column by Meg Hourihan focusing on Web development and design. You may already know Meg from her popular blogging site, megnut.com, or from her work as co-founder of Pyra and Director of Development of Blogger. Now she's adding a new dimension to her work by helping O'Reilly readers understand the importance of user interface and effective communication with the browsing audience.
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Dial-Up Revelations
When Meg Hourihan had to return to dial-up Internet while spending a month in Paris, she had a number of revelations while waiting for her spam to download. Dec. 20, 2002

Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger
What about the notion of paying people to blog for commercial sites covering genre-specific content? By providing financial incentive for great bloggers to publish, we remove economic constraints and enable them to devote their energies full-time to producing compelling content and creating outstanding Weblogs. Aug. 12, 2002

What We're Doing When We Blog
Many journalists who write about the blogging phenomenon miss some of the key elements of this medium. Meg Hourihan, a respected blogger herself, discusses both the structure and the intent of weblogging ... just to set the record straight. Jun. 13, 2002

The Sanctity of Elements, or Why You Shouldn't be Double-clicking in a textarea
The customer is always um, er, well, the customer. This month Meg Hourihan delves into client relations and offers tips that might help you maintain happy customers and good UI. May. 3, 2002

Attendee-Centered Conference Design
In her column debut for O'Reilly, Meg Hourihan steps up to the mic and talks about what she learned at SXSW. Problem was, Meg was moving and the mic wasn't ... Mar. 19, 2002