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PHP Admin Basics

A guide to running a PHP enabled server. In this series, Darrell Brogdon takes us under the hood of the increasingly popular web scripting engine and shows us how to install, extend, and give it a performance tune up.
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Common PHP Installation Problems
Darrell Brogden details a few of the common mistakes users make when installing PHP. Apr. 26, 2001

Securing a PHP Installation
Darrell Brogdon shows us a few basic things that should be done to secure a PHP installation. Mar. 29, 2001

Installing PHP as an Apache DSO
Darrell Brogdon reviews how to install PHP as a dynamically shared object. This useful trick allows you to upgrade PHP without recompiling Apache. Mar. 15, 2001

PHP Configuration Directives
Darrell Brogdon reviews some of the more useful PHP directives and provides coding examples. Feb. 15, 2001

The PHP Configuration File
Darrell Brogdon explains how the php.ini file works. Jan. 11, 2001

Installing PHP on a Windows System
Darrell Brogdon explains the steps required to install PHP on a Windows system. Dec. 14, 2000

Basic Installation of PHP on a Unix System
Need a powerful replacement for ASP web scripting? Darrell Brogden walks us through compiling and installing PHP, an open source web scripting language that you can embed into HTML. Nov. 17, 2000

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