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PHP Forms

Articles for advanced PHP developers with a focus on scripts that are effective, maintainable, and efficient.
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Phorm Manager
In part four of a series on HTML form handling with PHP, Urb LeJeune creates the Phorm Manager, a Swiss Army knife of HTML form handling. Jan. 25, 2001

The Universal Web Form Processor
Urb LeJeune embarks on a quest to create the ultimate script to process forms from web pages. Dec. 29, 2000

PHP With HTML Forms
In part two of a series on using PHP and HTML forms, Urb LeJeune shows us how to create dynamic input fields such as radio buttons, check boxes, and drop menus. Dec. 1, 2000

Using PHP to Interpret Forms
PHP has built in functionality for dealing with HTML forms. Urb LeJune shows us how to tap into these powerful features. Oct. 12, 2000

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