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Bureau Chief Stephen Figgins reports on what's new in the Python community.
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BitTorrent Style
Understanding BitTorrent's source code and author Bram Cohen's approach to programming in Python  Jul. 17, 2003

Twisted Python
The Twisted application framework provides rocket-powered tools for your next network application.  Apr. 24, 2003

Python Escapes Classroom
A few years ago Jeff Elkner put Python into a Yorktown High School programming class. A new project has helped it escape. Oct. 24, 2002

Humongous Python
Humongous Entertainment embraces Python as their new game scripting language, gaining a competitive advantage. Python offers them more flexibility and programming power than their old game scripting engine provided. Jul. 11, 2002

Py in Print
Py, an independent magazine for Python programmers delivers clear tutorials and how-to's. May. 16, 2002

Wrapping Web Service APIs
Google may have gaffed, but when it's all wrapped up in a module, you might never know it was SOAP. May. 2, 2002

Python Options
Greg Ward reinvents a command line option handler, the über-getopt. Apr. 4, 2002

PyKDE2: KDE Bindings for Python
Jim Bublitz has updated PyKDE for use on KDE 2.x and KDE 3.0Beta, giving Python programmers access to some top notch high level widgets.  Mar. 21, 2002

Stackless Reincarnate
Abandoning his old approach, Christian Tismer transforms Stackless, turning bad to good. Find out about Stackless's new form.  Feb. 14, 2002

Cocoa for your Python?
Those tempting little iMacs look great, but does Python work with the new OS X application framework? Stephen Figgins reports on the state of Python and Cocoa. Jan. 31, 2002

Python on the Side
After only one year of learning Python in his spare time, Doug Bell offers up the fruits of his nightly tinkering: four fine PyQt applications. Dec. 13, 2001

Lonely Python
Loneliness drives some Python programmers long distances to meet with their peers. Python interest groups provide a meeting place.  Nov. 15, 2001

Noisy Python
Whether your interest is in music, or just some radical sound effects for your latest game, there are Python programs and modules to satisfy your auditory needs. Oct. 25, 2001

Interactive Python
GUIs are swell, but sometimes you want power at the keyboard. Soup up Python's interactive prompt with these enhancements. Oct. 11, 2001

Developing Games with Python
The game industry is hanging strong, while other tech ventures fold. PyGame could be your ticket to a gaming career.  Oct. 4, 2001

Software Carpentry Spin Offs
Last year's contest to develop a new generation of easy-to-use software engineering tools bears unexpected fruit this year. Sep. 13, 2001

SkunkWeb Application Server
The templating simplicity of PHP combined with the power of Python packs a wallop in SkunkWeb, an application server for Python developers.  Sep. 6, 2001

Simple Python
Simple tools can be fun and educational as well as useful. Small programs written in the language you love can be a joy.  Aug. 29, 2001

Hypercard and Python
Hypercard was once a killer Macintosh application, a hypertext GUI design toolkit. Will a similar development tool work for Python? Aug. 16, 2001

Python in the Sourceforge Trove
There are now over 1000 Python projects in the Sourceforge Software Map. Stephen Figgins looks at a couple surprises among the top 20 most active projects.  Aug. 9, 2001

Frank Willison Remembered
Frank Willison remembered by friends, coworkers and the Python community. Aug. 1, 2001

New Versions of Zope and Python
Zope 2.4 updates Zope for Python 2.1, just as the first Alpha version of Python 2.2 is released. Jul. 24, 2001

Combining Python and C++
There is no standard tool for extending Python with C++, but a variety of tools makes the job easier. Jul. 19, 2001

GUI Development with Python and Qt
A change in Qt's license for Windows and an open book by Boudewijn Rempt make Qt an attractive alternative to Tk for Python developers. Jul. 5, 2001

Transactional Persistence for Python
The Z Object Database combines the simplicity of shelve with the transactional power of a relational database. Michael Pelletier's tutorial will get you started.  Jun. 27, 2001

Programming for Artists
The Python educational special interest group continues its quest to make programming more accessible to others. Jun. 14, 2001

XML-RPC Agents with pyagent
Downright software releases pyagent, a framework for creating intelligent agents that use XML-RPC.  Jun. 6, 2001

Structured grep and Python
PySgrep combines sgrep, a tool for searching and indexing structured text, with the power of Python.  May. 23, 2001

Python Gaming with pygame
Pete Shinners releases an updated version of an arcade classic. This time it's written in Python. May. 10, 2001

RDF and Python
Python modules 4RDF and Redfoot help you learn and use RDF, a tool for describing resources on the Web. May. 2, 2001

Python 2.1 and Nested Scopes
Python labs releases Python 2.1, introducing nested scopes. Stephen explores the difference between lexical and dynamic scoping. Apr. 19, 2001

Komodo and Pygame Go 1.0
Komodo, an integrated debugging environment for Perl and Python, and Pygame, a cross-platform game development tool, are now ready for mass consumption.  Apr. 11, 2001

Extreme Python
The second beta of Python 2.1 adds PyUnit, an Extreme Programming tool for testing code, to the standard library.  Mar. 28, 2001

TuxBot Programming with Python
Jonathan Pennington's plan for a Linux-powered, Python-programmed educational dream tool plus other Python robotic diversions.  Mar. 21, 2001

Python Web Application Tools
Three Web application development tools offer alternatives to Zope. Mar. 14, 2001

9th International Python Conference
Guido van Rossum announces the Python Software Foundation; ActiveState and O'Reilly announce a new Python book project.  Mar. 7, 2001

Python Gets Small
Endeavors Technology releases a new version of Python for Palm computers.  Feb. 28, 2001

Zope's New Roadmap
With the Python development team on board, Digital Creations announces a new direction for Zope.  Feb. 22, 2001

Alternative Python Distributions
These alternative distributions offer versions of Python tailored to more specific needs.  Feb. 14, 2001

Python Books Online
Want to dive into Python or learn the basics of programming with Python? Free and open online books make learning (or teaching) Python easy and inexpensive. Feb. 7, 2001

Useless Python
A repository for useless Python programs is not as useless as you might think.  Jan. 31, 2001

PyOpenGL Joins the Living
Over two years since its last release, PyOpenGL is back with new developers and a SourceForge address.  Jan. 24, 2001

Alice and CP4E
Does computer programming for everybody (CP4E) mean programming for non-programmers or everybody becoming literate in programming?  Jan. 10, 2001

Jython 2.0 Goes Beta
Jython is JPython's successor. This Java-based Python interpreter brings Python's flexiblity, clarity, and ease of programming to Java.  Jan. 3, 2001

Season of Light
An inspiring tool for creating photo realistic 3D images, Lightflow, is scriptable with Python. Dec. 27, 2000

Python Cryptography: From Classroom to Clubhouse
From the classroom to the clubhouse to the working world, Python offers powerful cryptographic tools. Dec. 20, 2000

Learning From Mistakes
A quick security fix for the Python wiki program MoinMoin presents an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.  Dec. 13, 2000

Commercial Python IDEs
Python developers looking for a commercial IDE now have a choice, PythonWorks 1.1 or WingIDE. Dec. 6, 2000

Wiki Python
MoinMoin and ZWiki, two Python-related projects, provide collaborative environments for Web communities.  Nov. 29, 2000

Python and Linguistics
A news thread on the Perligata module for Perl inspires this exploration of linguistics among the Python community.  Nov. 15, 2000

Python Toys For Programmers on the Edge
If you are a Python programmer who likes life out on the edge, a Stackless example and a preview release of Komodo provide interesting diversions for you.  Nov. 8, 2000

PythonLabs moves to Digital Creations
An all around win for the Python and Zope communities. PythonLabs finds a new home.  Nov. 1, 2000

ActivePython 2.0 Now Available
How do you distribute your Python programs? ActiveState wants to make it easier for businesses to install and maintain Python so they can run your programs.  Oct. 25, 2000

Python 2.0 and Beyond
Like all endings, the release of Python 2.0 is also a beginning.  Oct. 18, 2000

Green Tree Pythons
The python that seemed to just be resting for so long is now springing to life. Oct. 11, 2000

Teaching Math with Python
Kirby Urner offers curriculum for teaching math using Python.  Oct. 4, 2000

Artymiak Announces pyxhtml
A quick look at Jacek Artimiak's pyxhtml, a Python tool for generating XHTML pages.  Sep. 20, 2000

GUI Fun While Waiting for 2.0
Something fun to do while waiting for the big 2.0 release of Python.  Sep. 6, 2000

Print Changes Survive Criticism
The Python development team accepted a proposal to alter the syntax of the print statement, drawing strong criticism.  Aug. 30, 2000

A Stackless PEP
The developers of an arcane Python tool want it to be a part of Python core. The core python developers have spoken: "write a PEP and we'll see."  Aug. 23, 2000

Python News
Stephen Figgins informs us of the current python release and relates the story behind the new license.  Aug. 14, 2000

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