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Numerically Python

Linear Algebra, 3D graphics, and manipulating sound using the power of math and Numerical Python.
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Analyzing Sound Files
Numerical Python and DISLIN are used to analyze and plot wave files.  Jan. 31, 2001

Broadcasting With NumPy
Eric Hagemann presents more NumPy magic. Learn how broadcasting lets you add multiarrays of different shapes and sizes. Sep. 27, 2000

Numerical Python Modules
Eric Hagemann explains the basics of multiarray manipulation and demonstrates 4 modules that are inluded with the default NumPy package: Linear Algebra, Fast Fourier, Random Numbers, and Mlab. Aug. 9, 2000

Transformation Matrices
Use transformation matrices to manipulate graphics. Examples given using Numerical Python and Dislin. Jul. 5, 2000

Adding Data Visualization to Python for Producing Graphs
DISLIN provides the Python programmer with a robust package capable of producing 2D and 3D graphs plus basic drawing commands such as lines, boxes, and circles.  Jun. 2, 2000

Numerical Python Basics
Refresh your knowledge of matrix math and tap into the raw computing power of Numeric Python. May. 3, 2000

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