Duane Wessels
Duane Wessels became interested in web caching in 1994 as a topic for his master's thesis in telecommunications at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He worked with members of the Harvest research project to develop web caching software. After the departure of other members to industry jobs, he continued the software development under the name Squid. Another significant part of Duane's research with the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research has been the operation of 6 to 8 large caches throughout the U.S. These caches receive requests from hundreds of other caches, all connected in a "global cache mesh."

Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs
by Duane Wessels , Matthew J. Weaver
April 2008
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

Squid: The Definitive Guide Squid: The Definitive Guide
by Duane Wessels
January 2004
Print: $44.95
Ebook: $35.99

Web Caching Web Caching
by Duane Wessels
June 2001
Print: $39.95

Duane Wessels