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Ed Willis was a soldier, a cab driver, a security guard, a tree planter, an auto glass installer and shop manager, an employee of several bookstores, a house painter, a dish-washer, and a foot messenger, among at least a few other things before buying his first computer.

Since then he has worked as a research assistant at Queen's University, driven a data mining company into the ground and ridden Nortel Networks nearly all the way down. He currently works for another company in telecommunications. Born in NY, NY, he now lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Requirements Development Techniques and Agile Projects

December 09 2009

This article is about developing requirements for agile projects. I've used a number of different techniques and have recently happened upon one that's been the best of the bunch for me - hopefully it will prove useful to you as well. Along the way, I'll sketch out a couple of… read more

The CMMI in 2500 words or less

November 10 2009

This article provides a brief introduction to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) that aims to cover most of the ground, if at a fairly shallow depth. The CMMI is a process-based model that sketches out a comprehensive picture of development. It builds on that to define a method for… read more

Hiring Developers - Why "Smart and Gets Things Done" is not Enough

September 04 2009

Back in 2000, Joel Spolsky published the first version of his "Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing" about hiring developers. Since then, he's published revisions to that article as well as including it in a book on hiring developers. I don't know when I first read it but it certainly stayed with… read more

Review: "Scaling Lean & Agile Development", by Craig Larman and Bas Vodde

August 18 2009

I've managed a group that ran software projects using Scrum but also provided Scrum support to the wider R&D organization by developing Scrum templates and procedures, developing and delivering Scrum training and providing coaching and mentoring for groups taking their first steps down the Scrum path. So, to be honest,… read more

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Ed Willis