Chris Josephes

Chris Josephes works as a system administrator for Internet Broadcasting. His past work experience includes Unix/Windows 2000 administration, network engineering, security analysis, web development, and Perl programming.

In his spare time he works on programming projects, volunteer law enforcement work, the outdoors, and extreme sports. He lives in Minnesota with his border collie, Bear.

Visit his web site at

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Opera Mini Is Fighting For Relevancy

March 26 2010

Will a mobile browser change the marketplace of wireless surfing? Didn't someone already ask that question three years ago? read more

The Final Brain Dump

February 24 2010

About 2 weeks ago, I put in my notice at Internet Broadcasting, setting out for things bigger and better. In the meantime I've been reviewing projects, contacting vendors, and updating documentation. While I've been doing that other administrators are secretly... read more

Give It Up, Monty

December 16 2009

Monty Widenius wants his to have his cake, and dual license it, too. read more

Managed Services Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

October 13 2009

Hopefully, you weren't stuck in a New Zealand airport with a T-Mobile Sidekick. read more

Songbird Should See a Pre Opportunity

July 24 2009

Palm needs software. Songbird needs mainstream music devices. What would you do? read more

Is Oracle Getting Ready To Kill Unbreakable Linux?

July 14 2009

Will Unbreakable Linux be pushed to the sidelines by another open source operating system? read more

The Command That Humbles Us All

May 11 2009

There is one Unix command that most have yet to master. read more

Xen: Scrambling For A Market Base?

February 25 2009

Citrix XenServer is now free. They were never winning over VMWare users on quality, so now they're shifting focus to price. That may not be a bad idea in this economy, but my suspicion is that Xen was more worried... read more

Understanding Snapshot Consumption

February 05 2009

Graphing snapshot usage on a Netapp volume. read more

My Fear Of Commodity Storage

January 27 2009

Despite the Barracuda issues, Seagate is probably one of the better consumer drive vendors out there. I give them credit for offering recovery services to anyone that needs it; although I have the benefit of making that statement without... read more

OpenSolaris: Driver Wrangling

January 22 2009

I've been running OpenSolaris 2008.11 on a laptop, a virtual machine, and a test server configuration for about six weeks now. I promised earlier that I'd write a few articles on how well everything worked and on the differences in... read more

Audience Growth vs Digg

January 05 2009

Can Digg increase your overall audience growth? It could, but it's usually a long and painful process. read more

OpenSolaris 2008.11 Release

December 02 2008

It looks like the 2008.11 release of OpenSolaris just hit their download page. My plan this week is to install the image on my primary laptop and gauge ease of installation, configuration, driver support, and performance. According to blog reports,... read more

Web apps and password security

November 13 2008

Do you trust web based applications with your password? What about trusting a third party web application? Sometimes it's hard to avoid the temptation of using a third party application, and sometimes you may not even know you're using a third party application. read more

Beefy Storage Offering From Sun

November 11 2008

Sun Microsystems revealed their new enterprise storage solution today. The first enterprise product to market combining HDDs and SDDs. read more

OpenSSH Visual Fingerprints

November 06 2008

OpenSSH 5.1 includes a feature called visual fingerprints for host keys. Before this feature came out, keys were represented by a hexadecimal sequence that you would usually see the first time you log into a host. Now they're also represented... read more

Netapp Filers and Role Based Access Controls

October 21 2008

Most Netapp environments do not take advantage of multiple user accounts and passwords. On a Netapp filer, only one user at a time is allowed access to a command line prompt, and the number of administrators in the enterprise is... read more

And I Approve This Application

October 03 2008

If I had to describe my political leanings to a stranger, I'd say I'm a middle of the road guy. There may be one or two issues out there where I take a firm stance, but it's nothing earth shattering.... read more

Solaris Nowhere Close To Death

September 30 2008

If you wanted to obtain an unbiased viewpoint on Solaris, would your first choice be the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation? He does offer a viewpoint, but it's probably not unbiased. Let's get the obvious part out of the... read more

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Chris Josephes