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Mark Sigal is a seven-time entrepreneur who has spent the better part of the past 17 years seeding new ventures in the networked device, device management, and consumer internet spaces. His focus these days is on digital media services; namely the re-envisioning of traditional video, audio, and advertising channels in a mobile broadband-enabled world, with three primary projects: vSocial, a video clip sharing community;, a master planned online "community of communities"; and Insider Engine, a stock investing service. He also maintains a blog called The Network Garden.

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On co-creation, contests and crowdsourcing

August 02 2012

I had decided to update the branding at one of my companies, and that meant re-thinking my logo. Here’s the old logo: The creative exercise started with a logo design contest posting at 99designs, an online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic … read more

Apple's iTV and the implications of what Steve said

February 13 2012

Mark Sigal challenges the conventional wisdom about the rumored "iTV" and offers a much different prediction about an Apple-television marriage. read more

You say you want a revolution? It's called post-PC computing

October 24 2011

Spurred on by a Googler's rant against his own company and Apple's release of a new phone, a new OS and a new cloud infrastructure, Mark Sigal wonders what the "post-pc" revolution really looks like. read more

You say you want a revolution? It's called post-PC computing

October 24 2011

Spurred on by a Googler's rant against his own company and Apple's release of a new phone, a new OS and a new cloud infrastructure, Mark Sigal wonders what the "post-pc" revolution really looks like. read more

Amazon's "Prime" challenger to the iPad

September 26 2011

While conventional wisdom says that to compete with the iPad you must emulate Apple's best practices, Mark Sigal argues that Amazon can do just fine by blazing its own trail. read more

Ruminations on the legacy of Steve Jobs

August 25 2011

Apple, under Steve Jobs, has always had an unrelenting zeal to bring the consumer — and humanity — back to the center of the ring. Here, Mark Sigal argues that it's this pursuit of humanity that may actually be Jobs' greatest innovation. read more

Is the enterprise dead as a tablet strategy?

July 12 2011

A confluence of factors, most notably the crash of the dotcom bubble and the rise of Apple, led to the consumerization of IT. But Mark Sigal says tablet makers are missing a golden opportunity by ignoring the enterprise. read more

The Great Reset: Why tomorrow may not be better than today

July 08 2011

Mark Sigal says we're entering a period where the promise of a better tomorrow is no longer a generational expectation and our sense of a (mostly) fair and balanced system is being drowned by an elite class. read more

The iPhone, the Angry Bird and the Pink Elephant

June 20 2011

Lost amidst the tremendous success of mobile platforms is that they seem designed to create surplus. This makes it incredibly hard for developers to achieve the breakout success seen in past computing waves. read more

Four core takeaways from Apple's WWDC keynote

June 08 2011

Mark Sigal says Apple's WWDC keynote was designed to deliver an awe-inspiring but chilling message: Whether you're a prospective customer, developer, channel partner, or competitor, "resistance to Apple is futile." read more

The Five Keys to a Successful eBook Production: The Story of Spot the Dot

June 02 2011

What are the key steps in building a successful interactive eBook? This piece looks at the best practices from the perspective of a recently launched children's eBook called 'Spot the Dot.' read more

The magic adapter: Apple TV and the battle for the living room

March 22 2011

The Apple TV appears to be an afterthought, but its iOS-based second generation may actually blaze Apple's trail into the connected living room. read more

Running up the score: Thoughts on iPad 2 announcement

March 04 2011

While it's tempting to see the battle between iOS-powered iPads and Android-powered tablets as close, Mark Sigal says the iPad 2 launch showed that Apple is blowing out the competition. read more

In Google's "glass house," a battle with Bing looms

February 03 2011

Is Google's recent war of words with Microsoft a case of calling a thief out by name, or a matter of pot calling kettle black? read more

Anatomy of an ebook app

November 17 2010

"Rabbit and Turtle's Amazing Race" was featured by Apple (leading to a 3-5X bost in paid downloads) and for a time became one of the top grossing App Store ebooks. Mark Sigal discusses the lessons he learned while developing and marketing the title. read more

Apple's segmentation strategy, and the folly of conventional wisdom

September 29 2010

While it is almost heretical to challenge widely-held beliefs about loosely-coupled, open strategies prevailing over tightly-integrated, proprietary ones, Apple's debunking of conventional wisdom continues unabated. Love them or hate them, it helps to understand why they are winning. read more

When and What is "Good Enough"

August 25 2010

There is an axiom that it is more important to focus on doing the "right things" than on having to do everything "perfectly right." But, this begs a question. At what point is "good enough" achieved? Read on... read more

Riddle me this: Why isn't the Rumors of a $99 Apple TV a "Tell?"

August 23 2010

I think that I am safe at this point in generalizing that Apple, as a Company, is dedicated to delivering real, sustainable value to its base of users. All of the economics and first-hand customer experience bear this point out. That is why I can't reconcile an iOS-based Apple TV… read more

Facebook Mountain ("I wish I knew how to quit you")

July 29 2010

Facebook is an unstoppable force, rocketing to 500 million users, building a breakout software platform and hardwiring the web with "Like" buttons and single sign-on via Facebook Connect. This piece looks at the reasons why, even in the face of abysmal customer satisfaction levels that rank below the airline industry,… read more

Four Thoughts on the WHAT, WHY and SO WHAT of Google App Inventor for Android

July 12 2010

There is something enticing about a software toolkit for non-developers; the concept that if you can articulate a workflow or algorithmic outcome, you can "meta-program" it without writing a line of code. That's why I think that there is some warranted excitement around Google's App Inventor for Android. It represents… read more

Ruminations on iPhone 4, iOS and mobile video

July 08 2010

Follow the path that Apple has forged in creating a 100-million-device-strong iOS platform and ecosystem (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Next, watch the seamless flow of tens of billions of consumer downloads from an iTunes and App Store marketplace that is backed by 150 million active credit cards. Whether you consider… read more

Apple and the "last mile" to true Mobility (iOS, meet OpenDoc)

July 04 2010

Thanks to Apple's execution in rolling out over 100M iOS-powered devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad), we are on the cusp of completing the "last mile" to rich, persistent information mobility; a domain where compute, communications, gaming, media playback and media creation tools are literally at your fingertips. Into the mix,… read more

Adobe Crumbling: Is Winning Mobile Flash Fight Critical to Company's Success?

May 13 2010

In ramping up its on-going PR blitz to try and sway public opinion in favor of forcing Apple to support its Flash Runtime model, Adobe is facing three fundamental challenges. Read more. read more

Five reasons iPhone vs Android isn't Mac vs Windows

April 26 2010

It's human nature to look to the past to predict the future. That's why it's unsurprising to see knee-jerk conclusion that Apple iPhone vs Google Android will mirror the PC wars. Here's five reasons why this time, it's different. read more

Grumpy old men, the "Inmates" and margins

April 13 2010

As the iPad descends upon us, it is fair to ask, "Is this the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?" Depending upon whom you ask, the conclusions vary widely. read more

The iPad as Companion Device - Day 3

April 07 2010

Owning an iPad is like having a really good chair. If personal comfort's your thing, the price is worth it. read more

Google Buzz: Is it Project, Product or Platform?

February 10 2010

I think that it's great that Google is iterating Gmail, and actually improving an existing product versus rolling out something new and half-baked. Nonetheless, I am confused. I thought that Google Wave was destined to be the new Gmail, but after today, I am left wondering if Gmail is instead,… read more

Check Mate: Apple's iPad and Google's Next Move

January 28 2010

There is an axiom that the biggest game-changers often result from ideas that, at first blush, seem easy to dismiss. So it goes with yesterday's launch of the iPad, Apple's entry into what they call the 'third category' of device -- the middle ground that exists between smartphone and laptop.… read more

Ruminations on Apple Q1, 2010 Earnings Call and Investor "Dead Zones"

January 26 2010

Listening to Apple's earnings call today, then the chatter across a number of technology, investing and Apple-focused sites, and finally, watching the stock go up, down and sideways, I am reminded that when you are working from the wrong narrative, faulty storylines are destined to emerge. Read more. read more

The Google Android Rollout: Windows or Waterloo?

January 05 2010

Watching Google's rollout of Android to date, including this week's announcements around the Google-branded, HTC built, Nexus One phone, I am left with two conflicting thoughts. Is it the beginning of their assent into Windows-like dominance or the fortnight of their 'Waterloo' moment? Read more. read more

Open "ish": The meaning of open, according to Google

December 22 2009

In 'The Meaning of Open,' Google's SVP, Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg, simultaneously acknowledges the fuzziness of what exactly "being open" means and owns up to the fact that Google isn't all the way there. At the same time, my simplified net out on this one is that Google's real credo… read more

Is Facebook a Brand that You Can Trust?

December 15 2009

In light of the company's past consumer-unfriendly initiatives, Facebook's recent 'privacy' settings change should serve as a wake up call to its 350M users that they are entrusting a Fox to guard the Hen House; a truth that is destined to erupt into a crisis for the company. read more

Google Android: on Inevitability, the Dawn of Mobile, and the Missing Leg

December 03 2009

If for no other reason than the 'Anyone but Apple' crowd needs an alternative, there is an 'inevitability' meme associated with Google's Android initiative. But, is their success in the market really inevitable? Over a year after Android's launch, the jury is still out. Read more. read more

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Mark Sigal