Kyle Dent

Postfix author, software developer.

Areas of Expertise:

  • software development
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Linux
  • Postfix
  • natural language processing
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Kyle D. Dent currently works at PARC (formerly Xerox PARC) where he is focused on creating novel technologies that help people interact with information, and uses cognitive scientific techniques to model and evaluate this interaction. Before joining PARC in 2008, Kyle worked for Hewlett-Packard as a software architect. He is the author of Postfix: The Definitive Guide published by O'Reilly in 2003. His personal web page is at Kyle has a M.F.A in film from the University of Miami, and a M.S. in computer science from the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science. He maintains the web site containing scripts and information on system administration and software development.

Postfix: The Definitive Guide Postfix: The Definitive Guide
by Kyle Dent
December 2003
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

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Ajax readyState is 4 but status 0

April 22 2010

No doubt many of you have run across this before, but it had me scratching my head for a bit. I have some client-side JavaScript code that makes an XMLHttpRequest (or the equivalent on IE) and should get back a... read more

Syntax coloring utility

April 19 2010

Syntax coloring utility works for several different programming languages. read more

PARC Forums Now Streamed Live

February 03 2010

If you're not familiar with the PARC Forum, then be glad you happened to read this post. Most people know PARC as the place that famously turned Steve Jobs on to graphical user interfaces in the 1970s. You may not... read more

Robot Knocking

December 18 2009

Yesterday we had a visit from some good folks from Willow Garage. They brought along one of their Personal Robot 2 machines (this one is named Froto), which is a research platform for creating devices to help humans perform their everyday tasks in environments like the home or office. read more

BigShot Camera Educates with DIY

November 13 2009

Shree Nayar, chair of Computer Science at the Columbia University has created BigShot, a digital camera kit for kids from eight years old and up to construct their own digital cameras. The purpose of the camera is primarily education, and testing indicates that it does a good job at that,… read more

Recursively edit files with sed

August 11 2009

Well duh, that's exactly what sed is designed to do. And nowadays most implementations have the handy -i option that makes changes in place without explicitly using an interim file. Which means that I could reduce the work of typing in the Perl script to a single line at the… read more

Obscuring Email Addresses Actually Works

July 25 2009

I've always wondered if obscuring email addresses on web pages does any good, for example writing "bob at example dot com" instead of displaying the actual email address. It turns out it does read more

Technology Innovation Site Will Launch in the Fall

July 23 2009

The Henry Ford, the museum associated with Henry Ford and his company, will be launching a new web site focusing on recent innovation and the people who make it happen. read more

Using Ajax and Search Referrer Info to Help Users Navigate Your Site

July 22 2009

Using the referrer URL to detect what brought users to your site can let you help them find what they're looking for. The almost magical asynchronicity of Ajax lets you provide additional content for users from search engines. It requires only minor changes to your site and doesn't affect the… read more

Postfix Postscreen to Increase Your SPF (Spam Protection Factor)

July 07 2009

Postfix is about to add a new tool to the anti-spam arsenal called "postscreen" for now, but the name is likely to change before it goes into a production release. Among other things postscreen detects when a client starts talking before it's supposed to. It's a daemon that accepts connections… read more

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Kyle Dent