Jon Mountjoy

Jon Mountjoy was editor of the O'Reilly site Dev2Dev (now consumed by Oracle), and worked as an online community strategist for O'Reilly Media. He once authored WebLogic: The Definitive Guide, but has since moved to the cloud - now working at Heroku. Jon's curious about food, friends, sociology, communities, evolution, trust, reputation, genes, human behaviour and the intersection of life, social media and tech.

WebLogic: The Definitive Guide WebLogic: The Definitive Guide
by Jon Mountjoy , Avinash Chugh
February 2004
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Ebook: $43.99

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Podcast Gavin Starks on Saving the World
Publish Date: Sep. 19, 2006

Here at Euro OSCON, O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention, Jon Mountjoy interviewed Gavin Starks about how we can save the world by reducing each of our CO2 emissions by one ton. Gavin talks about the new global charity called Global Cool. (3:32)

Jon Mountjoy