Rich Bowen

Areas of Expertise:

  • Apache

Rich Bowen is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, working primarily on the documentation for the Apache Web Server. He lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where he spends his free time GeoCaching. He also enjoys flying kites and reading stuff by Charles Dickens and his contemporaries.

Rich is a coauthor of Apache Administrators Handbook and Apache Cookbook.

Rich, or DrBacchus--his handle on IRC--also spends entirely too much time on #apache. You can find him on the web at

Apache Cookbook Apache Cookbook
by Rich Bowen , Ken Coar
Second Edition December 2007
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

What's New in Apache Web Server 2.2? What's New in Apache Web Server 2.2?
by Rich Bowen
February 2007
Ebook: $9.99

Apache Cookbook Apache Cookbook
by Ken Coar , Rich Bowen
November 2003
Ebook: $23.99

Rich blogs at:

The myth of the death of SourceForge

December 07 2012

I'm the Community Manager at SourceForge. As such, every day, I see tweets about how SourceForge is dead, dying, or terminally ill. The evidence given for this is the huge number of dead projects on SourceForge.This reflects a profound ignorance of how Open Source (and software development in general) works.One… read more

GTasks for Android

November 08 2012

I use Google Tasks as my primary ToDo list. I switched a month or two ago upon finding out that there's no decent Teuxdeux app for Android, and now I appreciate it for other reasons.On Android, I use GTasks, by DATO.This morning, they pushed an update, which broke certain features,… read more

ApacheCon EU

November 04 2012

ApacheCon EU starts tomorrow, and, for the first time ever, I won't be there.In fact, today is my very last chance to say this - I've been to every (official) ApacheCon. In fact, if you don't count 1998, I'm the only person who has been to every ApacheCon.In 1998, there… read more

Throwing my vote away

October 18 2012

I grow increasingly more frustrated with the "common wisdom" that voting for anybody but the top two clowns is "throwing my vote away." This seems to assume that the only measure of a vote's value is whether your candidate wins.By this logic, if I vote for Romney, and Obama wins… read more

Rich's Rule of Content

October 08 2012

I mentioned Rich's Rule of Content today on IRC, in the context of a patch that I'd applied to the Apache httpd documentation.Rich's Rule of Content is something that I started jokingly referring to back in the DataBeam days. It goes something like this:Make up any old thing. If it's… read more

Washing dishes and muzzling oxen

October 06 2012

Deuteronomy 25:4 - You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain.Last weekend I spent the entire weekend at the sink at St. Andrew Orthodox Church, washing dishes. We were having our annual heritage festival, which involves dancing - Greek, Arabic, Russian, Irish - a silent… read more


October 03 2012

I've had the rare good fortune to meet many of my favorite authors. Notably, Douglas Adams, Arthur C Clarke, and, a few weeks ago, Terry Brooks. I've also met Cory Doctorow, Mo Willems, Will Wheaton, Frank X Walker and a host of other authors, and each time was struck by… read more

E makes a movie

October 02 2012

read more