Chris Adamson

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Areas of Expertise:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iOS
  • Mac OS X
  • QuickTime
  • Cocoa
  • Core Audio
  • AV Foundation
  • Java SE
  • Final Cut
  • Soundtrack
  • podcast production
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Chris Adamson is a writer, editor, and independent developer specializing in media software development for iOS. He is the co-author of iOS SDK Development and Learning Core Audio. He maintains a corporate identity as Subsequently & Furthermore, Inc. and writes the [Time code ]; blog on media software development, as well as tweeting as @invalidname. He is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and thus far has owned 13 ½ Macs.

iOS SDK Development iOS SDK Development (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Chris Adamson , Bill Dudney
November 2012
Print: $35.00

iPhone SDK Development iPhone SDK Development (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Bill Dudney , Chris Adamson
October 2009

Swing Hacks Swing Hacks
by Joshua Marinacci , Chris Adamson
June 2005
Print: $29.95
Ebook: $23.99

QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook QuickTime for Java: A Developer's Notebook
by Chris Adamson
January 2005
Print: $29.95

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We Need an Aesthetic for Technical Interview Video (hurry, my eyes are bleeding)

First off, a request: if you're so inclined, go straight to the comments and say whether you watch online technical interview videos, and if so, which.... read more

I Can C Clearly Now

February 19 2009

Sales of Objective-C books are reportedly up, presumably to would-be iPhone developers. It's a shame, then, that so much of the truly awesome stuff on the iPhone isn't accessible from Obj-C. read more

Opt-In Complexity

January 16 2009

It's an interesting trait that the Mac and iPhone stacks work this way, opting in to complexity and keeping the higher-level APIs sparser and simpler, and you have to wonder whether it's a conscious design decision or a happy accident. read more

Revenge of the iPhone Webapps

June 12 2008

Apple took some abuse when their original iPhone SDK was "just webapps." Now that I'm digging into the SDK, I'm looking at what iPhone provides to webapps and wondering if we weren't too hasty and too harsh. iPhone webapps may be a lot cooler than we thought. read more

Said and Unsaid

June 09 2008

I"m on the second floor of Moscone West after the WWDC keynote (look for the bald guy with the JavaOne backpack and the ama-gi hoodie. The mood's maybe a little odd because of the lack of any earth-shaking announcements from... read more

QuickTime 7.4, now with fewer export codecs

January 16 2008

Apple will presumably have a support document on this soon enough, but in the meantime, the newly-released QuickTime 7.4 removes many of the older audio and video codecs from export dialogs by default. read more

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Podcast The Community of Web 2.0
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In this 48-minute audio program from the Web 2.0 conference, Tim O'Reilly speaks with Sun Microsystems COO Jonathan Schwartz and Mozilla Foundation president Mitchell Baker about developer communities, distribution, architectures and expandability, and the value of open source.

Chris Adamson

"...if you do program in Java and you are interested in developing QuickTime applications, then QuickTime for Java(TM): A Developer's Notebook by Chris Adamson (O'Reilly, 2005) should be on your bookshelf. Better yet, it should be propped open on your desk as you work your way though it."
--Tim Monroe, MacTech