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Assessing Web App Security with Mozilla
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Leveraging LiveHTTPHeaders with Mozilla

This tool can perform HTTP protocol sniffing and analysis, as well as HTTP protocol manipulation.

Installing LiveHTTPHeaders in your Mozilla

Installing LiveHTTPHeaders is a very simple task. Presently, the only supported browsers for this application are Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and Phoenix.

To install LiveHTTPHeaders, just go to the LiveHTTPHeaders XPI location. This XPI script will install LiveHTTPHeaders as a browser plugin. The LiveHTTPHeaders installation guide has additional information.

After the extension is installed in your browser (and you've restarted the browser), you can start using it immediately without post-installation configuration hassles. For example, when you have installed the extension as a plugin for Firefox, go to Tools in the main menu options and select "Live HTTP headers." A window (see Figure 1) will open.

LiveHTTPHeaders' front-end GUI
Figure 1. LiveHTTPHeaders' front-end GUI

You can make certain configuration settings, but the most critical ones are those that affect all incoming and outgoing HTTP header information for web applications. This can be very useful in application assessment.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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