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9th International Python Conference


This week kicked off the 9th International Python Conference in Long Beach. In his "State of the Python Union" address, Guido van Rossum announced the formation of the Python Software Foundation to protect the interests of the Python community. Initially sponsored by ActiveState and Digital Creations, the PSF will be modeled on the highly successful Apache Software Foundation. The PSF will hold Python's intellectual property and provide educational, legal, and financial assistance to the Python community.

ActiveState and O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. announced the Python Cookbook project, a collaborative web site and open book in the making. ActiveState will host the Python Cookbook web site, a repository of peer reviewed examples and solutions to common problems. From the Cookbook site you can comment on solutions or contribute your own. O'Reilly & Associates will eventually edit and publish the best of these contributed recipes. O'Reilly and ActiveState will give 5% of the proceeds from the book to the PSF.

In further O'Reilly Python news, they've just published the long awaited second edition of Mark Lutz's Programming Python, which is completely overhauled and updated. It is shipping now so rush out and purchase your copy. Finally, O'Reilly & Associates' editor in chief, Frank Willison, and editor Laurie Lewin are both at the Python Conference. Watch the O'Reilly site for reports on conference happenings.

Stephen Figgins administrates Linux servers for Sunflower Broadband, a cable company.

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