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PythonLabs moves to Digital Creations


Within a year of their previous move away from CNRI, PythonLabs has moved to Digital Creations. Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital Creations, describes acquiring PythonLabs as an "expensive commitment" but also as a "golden opportunity." Python is the programming language used by Digital Creations in the development of Zope.

Zope, the leading open source application server, has been favorably compared to Lotus Notes. Jon Udell describes it as "the killer application for Python." The Zope server has gained a lot of kudos for its versatility, though its lack of good documentation has been an often heard complaint. This is being remedied now. On Monday, Michel Pelletier and Amos Latteier, Zope developers and authors of an upcoming Zope book by O'Reilly & Associates, announced that the full draft of their book is now available online.

In January of this year, Digital Creations CEO Paul Everitt was interviewed by David Sims of the O'Reilly Network. Everitt describes how it is they manage to run a business while giving away Zope, their flagship program, for free. One of Everitt's comments in this interview brought home to me how appropriate PythonLabs' move was. When asked why they chose Python, Everitt answered "Python is in our blood." This blood relationship makes Digital Creations and Python Labs seem like extended family. Their union seems less like a marriage to me and more like a parent finding a home with its most successful child.

Stephen Figgins administrates Linux servers for Sunflower Broadband, a cable company.

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