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Introducing the Python DevCenter

by Stephen Figgins

The Python DevCenter is a portal for anyone interested in the Python language. Python is an object-oriented scripting language. It is free, portable, powerful, and easy to use and learn. If you want to learn programming, Python is the best place to start. Python's simplicity makes it easier for you to understand, its power means you won't easily outgrow it, its portability means you can use it just about everywhere.

In October of 1996, O'Reilly & Associates, strongly encouraged by managing editor Frank Willison, published Programming Python by Mark Lutz. My first experience with Python was reviewing the drafts for the book and trying out the example programs. I loved the simplicity of the language. Like many others more experienced with Perl and C, I occasionally cursed its pickiness about white space. But freedom from all those braces and increased readablity made it worth it. I grew to love it. Being a journalist and editor doesn't give you much opportunity to play with programming though. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to become the Python Bureau Chief. That makes it my job to play with programming and to keep on top of Python developments and report them to you. I get to find Python authors, edit Python articles, attend Python conferences, and for me, that's fun! I haven't had this much fun with programming in years.

My goals for the Python DevCenter are to:

  • Provide resources for people new to programming.
  • Publish in depth articles for those who are already programming.
  • Make it easy for you to find information you need.
  • Keep having fun!

I want you to have fun here too. I am including links to some great online resources. You can find them organized by topic to the left of this article. Every other week we will publish original content. You can meet the authors, talk with other python developers, or leave your comments in the oreillynet.python news forum. Finally, we have all the great features of the O'Reilly Network, focused search engines, Meerkat, FAQs, and the latest news at your fingertips.

If there's anything you want to see in this developer's center, let me know. Leave me a message in the news forum.

Stephen Figgins administrates Linux servers for Sunflower Broadband, a cable company.

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