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Tell Us What You Think: The ONLamp Survey

by chromatic

It's time yet again for the annual reader survey!

We run a survey on each site once a year to learn more about you, our readers. covers a lot of topic areas, including PHP, Python, Ruby, Apache httpd, MySQL, PostgreSQL, the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux operating systems, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly BSD, C, C++, open source, free software, system administration, and advocacy. That's neither a comprehensive list of everything the LAMP metaphor has grown to represent nor a representative list of all of the skills, abilities, and interests you have.

Obviously many of you are developers, whether professionals or hobbyists, and many of you are system administrators. Maybe your day job is working with free and open source software and maybe it isn't. Maybe this is a side project, maybe a school project, and maybe it's just an interest. Maybe you just want to get the job done and have found helpful answers among our several thousand articles and weblogs.

We want to know more about you because it helps us plan the next year of articles and weblogs. What do you come to read? How often do you visit? What do you find interesting and what do you ignore? Are there ways we can make the site more useful or usable? Are you looking for something that we have but don't present very well? Are there topics or ideas we don't cover much at all?

We want the site to continue to be useful and to grow in readership. We're always looking for new subjects to cover, especially areas where we can find subjects that are just starting out and will explode in popularity. The Ruby on Rails articles this year are a great example of that. Are there areas no one's covering yet that appeal to you and a wide audience? Are there established topics that everyone assumes everyone knows, but no one has really explained the basics well? What makes you come back to our sites? When do you do it and why?

Our inboxes are always open to feedback from you--and we get valuable feedback every week. The next couple of weeks are your chance to let us know who you are, what you want, and how we're doing.

We're giving away some respectable swag, too, just for answering. The ONLamp Reader Survey should only take 10 minutes to answer, so it's totally worth it. Be aware that it does require session cookies to submit, though you can delete them after you've done so.

Once we have all of the answers in, we'll post a summary of the responses. Don't worry; we won't provide any personally-identifying data. It will be interesting to see what your fellow readers think is important and how you fit in with the site overall.

There are a couple of spots in the survey for longer answers. If you have more to say, please and we'll add your comments into the mix.

Thanks for reading,
-- c

chromatic manages Onyx Neon Press, an independent publisher.

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