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Compiling an AspectJ Project Using Eclipse

by Russell Miles, author of AspectJ Cookbook

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AspectJ Cookbook
By Russell Miles

Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a compelling new way to write code, but have your tools caught up? It's no longer enough to just look at a method's code when you may have advice that gets inserted before or after it.

Fortunately, the AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) for Eclipse are more than ready to meet this challenge. This plugin not only provides Eclipse users with tools to code AspectJ applications, but also includes a visualizer to show you where your aspects will be applied.

In this excerpt from AspectJ Cookbook, Russell Miles shows you how to get and install the AJDT, and how to use it in your work.

This excerpt is offered as a 244K PDF file. Download section 2.7, "Compiling an AspectJ Project Using Eclipse."

Russell Miles is a senior consultant for SpringSource in the UK and contributes to various open source projects while working on books for O'Reilly.

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