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Java Programming on the Mac


Macworld week is a good time to seek out connections between Java and Macintosh. Over at O'Reilly Net's Mac DevCenter, Daniel Steinberg's column presents examples for Java developers looking for cross-platform solutions as well as those who want to write Mac OS X-specific applications in Java.

Good Books, Smalltalk, and Squeak
Java programmers looking for some interesting reading might enjoy a few selections from Daniel Steinberg's list, as well as a look at Smalltalk and Squeak.

Shell Scripts, Command Lines, and Classpaths
Programming in Java on the Mac is a bit different than programming from within the Windows environment. This article examines issues involving classpaths, and running applications from the command line and through shell scripts, while working on a Mac.

Building a Simple Java Application in Mac OS X
The word is getting out that Mac OS X is a terrific development platform for Java. This article includes the basic steps needed to develop a simple GUI application.

Running Java Applications on Mac OS X
You can easily create double-clickable versions of Java applications for Mac OS X using MRJAppBuilder. Daniel Steinberg shows you how.

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