Web 2.0 Podcast: What the desirable demographic wants

by Daniel H. Steinberg

One of the most enjoyable sessions at last year's was Safa Rashtchy's panel with a variety of teens. This year Rashtchy, a managing director for Piper Jaffray, is back with more teens and this time he includes their parents as well.

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Announcer: One of the most enjoyable sessions at last year's Web 2.0 Summit was Safa Ratschy's panel with a variety of teams. This year Ratschy, a managing director for Piper Jaffray, is back with more teams, and this time he brought their parents as well. Here is Safa Ratschy and his representatives of the desirable demographic and their parents at the Web 2.0 Summit.
Safa Ratschy: It's great to be here again. This conference obviously is growing every year and it's a great honor to join the conference. I really enjoy this because I'm a true believer. I have two major kind of principles. One is, don't write it down, which helped me a great deal during the dot com problems. The second one is, ask the customer. It is really in this light that I've been doing these panels because I think the best way to see what is really going to be working, what would be hot is to go to actual users and ask them.

So since we don't have a lot of time, I'm not going to be talking a lot about our philosophies on that. Let me ask the panelists. What we have here is a little bit different from last year. We asked five younger people from teens to about twenty years old or so to come join us. We also asked some parents, some of them are parents of the young people who are here, some of them are not. We wanted to have a mix of younger and adults to tell us how their usage habits differ. I'm going to ask the panelists to start introducing themselves. The only problem is because of location we have Yasmin over there. So why don't we start with you?
Nick: I'm Nick, and I'm 15 years old and I go to California High School in Santa Ana, and big on MySpace.
Safa: OK, thank you. OK Ryan.
Ryan: I'm Ryan. I'm a senior at Carmel High School at Saint Carlos, and I do MySpace and Google.
Remy: Hi I'm Remy. I go to John O'Connell, I'm 16, I'm in the 11th grade and I'm big on MySpace too.
Sascha: I'm Sascha, I'm 19 and a sophomore at UC Berkeley, and I like Wikipedia and Facebook.
Bernadette: My name is Bernadette and I'm a mother of a 14-year old.
Sheena: I'm Sheena, and I'm Ryan's mom.
Safa: Thank you for that. Can you also tell us what you do both of you please?
Sheena: I'm a pharmacy technician in the notary public.
Safa: OK, and Bernadette?
Bernadette: I am a customer service supervisor at a medical group here in the city.
Safa: OK. Stacy?
Stacy: Hi I'm Stacy, I'm a senior account manager for an employee benefits firm. I'm 38, I have two teenagers, so MySpace monitoring is important, and everything else on the internet. [laughs]
Safa: OK, Pamela.
Pamela: Hi my name is Pamela and I'm an administrative assistant at a hospital in San Francisco.
Yasun Lucky: Hi I'm Yasun Lucky, I'm 19, I go to Holy Names University in Oakland. I work for elementary first graders and I use Hotmail, Google, and Yahoo.
Safa: OK. All right, thanks everyone. So as I said, I'm going to start with the adults, and I'm going to start with you Pamela. Tell us what you do, all of the people here have broadband access, by the way, with the exception of Sheena and her son who have dial-up through AOL and Netzero. So that's their access. So Pamela, tell us what do you do in the morning when you get up?
Pamela: When I get up in the morning I usually check my email, and sometimes I check my banking account, my online banking, and that's pretty much it, in the morning.
Safa: Do you turn on the radio when you get on, do you read any newspapers or do you go to the computer first?
Pamela: I usually turn on the TV, watch the news there, and if something strikes my interest I might go to the computer.
Safa: OK. And what else do you do online. We were talking earlier, you said you do a bunch of things beyond just...
Pamela: Well, I order groceries online, Safeway, Albertson's, I go to Craigslist and depending on what I want, I might research something on that, and also, let's see what else I do...
Safa: Where do you go for searching when you want to search something?
Pamela: Google, that's my main search engine.
Safa: Do you ever go to any other search engine, do you ever go to any other search site?
Pamela: No I don't.
Safa: OK, what I'm also going to do is ask some questions from all of the panelists here again in the interest of time, since we have a large panel here. How many of the people in here have Google as their main search engine, that's you go there first. OK, so Sheena what is your main search engine?
Safa: Can you use a mic please?
Sheena: It's
Safa: Why do you like Ask?
Sheena: The reason I like Ask is because I can put a question in without having to have keywords. So if I don't know exactly what I'm looking for but I have a question to ask, it can come up with different things.
Safa: OK. Who in here uses both Yahoo and Google? OK, so Stacy tell us why you use both of them and how you use it?
Stacy: It's actually more accidental, I have a toolbar that has Google and Yahoo right next to each other. So if I happen to put my cursor [laughs], sorry.
Safa: People pay big money to get you to do that actually it's not toward accidental.
Stacy: I know [laughs].
Safa: Sometimes a billion dollars, but go ahead.
Stacy: My preferred search engine is Google, for no other reason than habit.
Safa: OK. Anyone else who use both Google and Yahoo. Sheena.
Sheena: I do. I like Yahoo for maps. If you're looking for someone, if you're searching to find someone you can find it on Yahoo. You'd say you can Google people and find them, but on Yahoo you can actually find phone numbers, you can find information on how to find addresses, maps, things that are good for, Yellow Pages. Those types of things that comes up real easily whereas Google you can put in a keyword, you can find something maybe that you're looking for, but Yahoo is much better for searching for people, addresses, and places.
Safa: OK, Sascha?
Sascha: Well with Google you could do Google Earth, also. So you might want to look into that if you've heard of that, I don't know.
Safa: How many people know what Google Earth is here? OK, just the two of you. Anyone else who is using Yahoo search? Why do you use Yahoo?
Remy: Well, sometimes I use it for when I use Google because most of the time my school only wants us to use Google. So it might be a few different sites on Yahoo, but yeah the main thing is Google.
Safa: OK. This is going to be a more difficult question. Those of you who are using Yahoo, are you using it less now or more or by the same amount, think about a year ago or so. Has there been any change...
Remy: More.
Safa: More?
Remy: More.
Safa: Why do you use Yahoo more?
Remy: Because of the games, that's the only thing that my school doesn't block out.
Safa: Yahoo Games, OK great. All right, are there any other search engines that you've heard of, does MSN have a search engine?
Sheena: Yes, yes they do.
Safa: Anyone else knows that MSN has..., who doesn't know MSN has a search engine? Bernadette you were... MSN.
Bernadette: I didn't know that they have a search engine. I usually go to MSN when I want to read the news.
Safa: OK, what about you Nick?
Nick: I did not know MSN.
Safa: OK, does AOL have a search engine?
Bernadette: Yes.
Safa: OK, everyone knows AOL has a search engine? OK. Lets move on from search to video, and again I want to stay, some of the topics I'll ask everyone but for now I want to stay with the adults. Do you watch any movies, or TV clips, or any video online, and if so where do you go? Anyone can start. Not you I'm going to come back to you guys not yet.
Bernadette: YouTube.
Nick: YouTube.
Stacy: Definitely YouTube, YouTube is it.
Safa: OK. How much time do you think you spend on YouTube?
Stacy: In an average day, or I'd probably say a better average is a week, three hours. I know MySpace just got video, that's getting really popular now but, you can research old TV programs and just really bizarre stuff on YouTube.
Safa: OK, Ryan, go ahead.
Ryan: Yeah, me and my friends go to the library after school, and we just sit there and watch music videos and funny stuff that they post on the main page. So we could do that for two or three hours a day [laughter].
Safa: What did you do before YouTube with those two or three hours? [laughter] Homework?
Ryan: We didn't really watch videos before that, online.
Safa: OK anyone else? Does anyone know about YouTube? OK so we have we have Pamela who didn't know about YouTube and Bernadette, you had heard but you didn't use it?
Bernadette: I've heard of it, but I haven't used it. No.
Safa: OK where else do you go other than YouTube? Anywhere else you go to watch TV?
Nick: Google Video.
Safa: Google Video. OK, Sascha?
Sascha: I download it.
Safa: Where do you go?
Sascha: Not legally I guess. [laughter] Well there's this thing called either Shakespeare for MAC or DC++ for PCs where if you're on the school network you log into it and then you can download from other users.
Safa: Wait a minute. Your school has a system that lets you download things actually? Nice school. All right who else? Somebody raise their hand, Sheena.
Sheena: I go to Chron four and I watch the news and I watch different things there. Also, on ABC I've watched different shows that I've missed, like Lost, and different things like that.
Safa: OK do any of you pay to either download or watch anything online? Would you pay, like a buck, to watch an episode of Lost?
Sheena: I guess that I would, yes.
Safa: OK.
Sascha: I have on iTunes.
Safa: You have on iTunes. OK.
Stacy: I would never do that. [laugher]
Safa: You wouldn't even pay a buck to watch Lost?
Pamela: No, I pay too much for cable. [laughter/applause]
Safa: Oh yeah, OK. How about if it was free, but you're going to have to watch an ad before it?
Pamela: No.
Safa: Do you even like Lost? [laugher]
Pamela: No, I...
Safa: OK go ahead Sascha.
Sascha: Well, on ABC they do have like if you miss a show that they offer then you can watch the full episode and they're like limited commercials. I love that, I do that all the time, it's even better than downloading them illegally.
Safa: OK let's just kind of switch back to the kids. Do you watch any videos, do you use YouTube?
Ryan: Yeah I use YouTube for BMX videos, I also use BMX Plus, it's a magazine they have online. They have BMX videos and stuff like that.
Safa: Well somebody said they go to Google Video. Do you go to Google Video?
Ryan: Yeah I go to Google Video.
Safa: OK do you go to Yahoo Video?
Ryan: No, I don't.
Safa: OK what else do you watch? Do you download anything?
Ryan: I don't download anything.
Safa: Why not? It's kind of fun, everybody does it.
Ryan: Yeah, but it's not my computer, so I don't have the right to do that, I guess. Not allowed to.
Safa: OK, if you had your computer, would you download?
Ryan: Yeah, definitely. [laugher/applause]
Safa: I knew I'd get to that finally. OK I'm going to rattle off some names of websites and other things, and I want you to tell me which ones you know and then if you like it, if you use it and so forth. So, we talked about YouTube... Skype. How many people know about Skype, raise your hands... just two people OK. Do you use it? Sascha... use it?
Sascha: When I was abroad, it's a lot cheaper to use Skype to talk to people from back home.
Safa: OK who raised their hand? It was you? Stacy?
Stacy: I try using it. I keep trying to use it. We have a contact, we have a friend over in China that we try to use it with and it rarely works for that. Just sound quality and that sort of thing.
Safa: So, Stacy, how long have you been on internet? You're using fairly advanced things, but you told me that your computer is only about one year that you've had it at your home. So until a year ago you didn't have computer at home to connect to the internet? Right?
Stacy: No, I've actually had a PC for quite a while. I think that was...
Safa: For how long?
Stacy: Seven...eight years.
Safa: OK, let me.
Stacy: I've been on the internet pretty much since dialup came out. I would sneak on it at work just to see what it was about and close it real quick, but actively probably five years.
Safa: OK, Craigslist? Obviously everyone here uses it, they like it. Yelp? Have you heard of it? No. Trip Adviser? Judy's list? I may make up some of these things. [laughter] I can't read my handwriting here. OK how about blogs? How many of you know what a blog is? Everyone knows what a blog is now, OK. How many of you read a blog regularly? Where do you read it? Ryan, you.
Ryan: MySpace and
Safa: Ultimate Guitar, OK do you write blogs too?
Ryan: Do I what?
Safa: Do you write any blogs?
Ryan: Oh yeah, they help me when I'm trying to learn new stuff on my guitar like the music blogs.
Safa: OK who else reads blogs, tell me where you read them. Stacy?
Ryan: Mainly MySpace and, I'm a freelance photographer so, photography websites, all the time.
Safa: Do you also write any blogs?
Ryan: Absolutely.
Safa: OK anyone else who wants to talk about blogs?
Bernadette: I read them generally on MySpace.
Safa: OK, OK.... what's uploading?
Stacy: It's where you can put stuff on to the internet from your computer?
Safa: OK, anyone else knows what uploading is? OK have you uploaded... who has uploaded anything whether it's... Sheena, what have you uploaded?
Sheena: Pictures.
Safa: Where do you upload them to?
Sheena: I have Yahoo and also on AOL, I've done both.
Safa: OK to share with others, or just to store them?
Sheena: Share, no I share them. I also store them on Yahoo.
Safa: How do you print them? Do you print the pictures through an internet service? Or do you just take them out to somebody...
Sheena: I print them at home.
Safa: You print them at home. How about other people? How do you print your pictures?
Woman: I have a printer at home that I do that...
Woman: Me too...
Safa: Anyone that uses anything like a Shutter Fly or these online services? Do you know what a Shutter Fly is? OK. OK, let's talk about a couple of companies I want to mention, and I just want to get your opinions about them. What do you think about the company, what services they have, are they really cool, are they really useful for you, however you feel about them.

So, let's talk about Yahoo first. Let's I'm going to ask pretty much everyone this question, but if you can, try not to be impacted by what other person says. I'm going to start with the adults. Let's start with Pamela. [pause] Yahoo. What do you think about Yahoo?
Pamela: I think it's great.
Safa: What do you use? What kind of Yahoo services do you use?
Pamela: Let's see, the horoscopes.
Safa: OK, use Yahoo news? For instance, Yahoo finance? Any of the other ones?
Pamela: Sometimes.
Safa: Anyone here use Yahoo mail? How about Gmail? OK, we'll come back to the mail question. OK, anything else you want to add about Yahoo? Anyone here using Yahoo Groups or Yahoo 360? OK anyone else? Who wants to talk about Yahoo? Stacy, go ahead.
Stacy: To me, Yahoo is a trusted name, it's been around for a long time. I use it for mail, news, the occasional accidental search [laughter] uploading photos, storing photos. I have an SBC Global account so I get kind of a large mailbox, email if I didn't say that already.
Safa: Remy, you wanted to say something about Yahoo.
Remy: I was going to say, Yahoo is silly. It's more like on the fun side. It's kind of like my play email where I send pictures to put on MySpace. I don't really take Yahoo seriously, for like business and stuff like that.

Safa: OK, all right, who else wants to talk about Yahoo? Sheena.
Sheena: They do have the best games. I have a seven-year-old daughter, and they have the best games. Easy for her to play, also educational.
Safa: OK. Yasmin. Yahoo.
Yasmin: I like Yahoo because it has Launch music and videos and they have great games, and I can scan my email before I actually check it, and I read the headlines of the news.
Safa: OK, Sascha?
Sascha: I used to use Yahoo, maybe like five years ago or so, but since then I've switched to Google and I haven't really gone back.
Safa: OK. Well, let's talk about Google. How do you feel about Google as a company, not just a search engine?
Ryan: It seems more like a friend. I'd be a friend with Google if it were a person.

Safa: Friends? OK. What about their products? Do you like them? Do the sometimes work or not work? They have a bunch of different products beyond search engine. Have you used anything else like Maps, Gmail?
Ryan: Oh, yeah, I use the Gmail. It's easy, user friendly. That's about all.
Safa: OK. Nick.
Nick: I like Google video a lot. It's easy to use, so it's user friendly.
Safa: What do you think about Google as a company?
Nick: I like it. It's big. It's well known. You can talk about it with your friends. Very well known.
Safa: Which company would you trust more, Google or Yahoo?
Nick: Google.
Ryan: Google.
Sascha: Google.

Woman: I would say Yahoo.
Safa: Yahoo. OK.
Woman: I'm 50/50.
Safa: OK.
Man: [in background] What about Microsoft?
Safa: Well, let's finish with Yahoo.
Woman: What about it?

Safa: How about you Brenda, Yahoo or Google, which one would you trust?
Brenda: Well, I generally go to Yahoo as a last resort, but I've been to the Google facility and it's kind of cool and that's my preferred search engine.
Safa: OK. OK, what about Microsoft? Forget about even MSN. Do you trust them?
Nick: I like the Xbox.
Safa: Xbox, OK. What else do you like about Microsoft?
Nick: That's it.
Stacy: I like Microsoft Office.
Safa: Microsoft Office, OK.
Stacy: And Word, I really like Word.
Safa: Among many choices you have for Office, OK.
Woman: I actually like the little characters. I'm sorry, when you go to Microsoft Office Works they have the little characters. The lady in the car is cool.
Safa: That's cool I like that one too, yeah. It just slows you down sometimes. OK, anyone else's feelings about Microsoft?
Yasmin: I still haven't seen their search engine.

Safa: You know, Yasmin was on one of my panels in San Diego and that's where I first asked the question, who knows about Microsoft Search and how often do you use it? And Yasmin said, "I didn't even know they had a search engine", so she has just learned it.

OK, lets move on from Microsoft to Overstock.
Yasmin: Who?

Safa: Overstock. Do you know what it is? Have you ever bought anything?
Bernadette: Oh, yeah. I like their shoes; I buy a lot of shoes from them.
Safa: OK, let's think about where you shop on line. How much do you buy on line and where do you buy?
Bernadette: Well, I generally go on line to search the stores. If I can avoid paying a shipping cost, I'll just go to the store and get it.
Safa: You go to the store's website you mean?
Woman: Right.
Safa: OK. What about eBay? Do you use eBay?
Remy: Yes.
Bernadette: I used to, yeah.
Safa: You used to?
Bernadette: Yes.
Safa: Well why don't you use it anymore?
Bernadette: Well, because I when I would go on I would collect smiley faces. So what I would go on for, I kind of bought all the stuff that's on there that I could find that's related to what I'm looking for.
Safa: OK. Remy, you use eBay, right?
Remy: For concert tickets, I place the best bid and then wait. That's the only thing.
Safa: OK. Who else uses eBay? Sheena.
Sheena: I like to look on there. I like to go antique shopping and buy old vintage stuff. When I go on eBay, I can find what it's actually selling for and what it's worth. I can find a lot of information, too, on the product.
Safa: Sascha.
Sascha: I like to sell my books from college on eBay actually, because we get really screwed over with the prices that colleges offer. If you sell it back to the school then you're going to get maybe 40% of what you paid for it originally and on eBay you get a lot more. So, that's better.
Safa: OK. Where else do you shop? Amazon? Who goes to Amazon? OK, what do you buy on Amazon?
Sheena: Books, CDs, DVDs, mostly media type things.
Safa: Have you bought other things beyond these things there?
Sheena: Not at Amazon. I've bought things at though. I've bought a lot of things there, from clothes to electronics.
Safa: Who has bought electronics, clothing or something else from Amazon here? What did you buy?
Nick: CDs.
Safa: No that's kind of the music stuff I talked about. Nothing else? So if you wanted to buy, let's say, some tennis shoes or something like that, where would you go? If I asked you to buy on line, where would you go?
Nick: I like Foot Locker, or I only wear Vans, so I'd probably go to
Safa: OK. Now what if you want to buy something and you don't know where to buy it? What would you do in that case?
Bernadette: Search engine.
Safa: Search?
Man: Google.
Safa: What about these shopping comparison sites, have you used something like, have you hard of that?
Woman: MySimon, I used.
Safa: You used My Simon? OK. I want to spend a little bit more time with the younger people now, about what they use. So, let's talk about instant messaging. Do you use instant messaging, IM?
Remy: Not really. I used to on AOL because my best friend lives in Brooklyn, but I don't have AOL anymore.
Safa: How about you?
Ryan: I use it pretty much all day, I leave it on.
Safa: Which one do you use?
Ryan: AOL. AIM. I use it all day to talk to my friends.
Safa: What about you?
Ryan: I use AIM a lot. I like to talk to my friends too.
Safa: Yasmin.
Yasmin: I use all three.
Safa: You use all three of them? Which are AIM?
Yasmin: Yahoo and MSN.
Safa: OK. Sascha.
Sascha: I use AIM and MSN.
Safa: Have any of you heard about Google's IM, GTalk?
Yasmin: They keep making stuff I've never heard of.

Safa: OK. So what do you do on instant messaging? Do you simply just talk? Do you share files? How long do you... yeah go ahead.
Man: I talk and I sometimes send my friends music videos and pictures.
Safa: How much time do you think you spend on instant messaging? I understand some of that time you may be doing other things too but overall, how much time do you think you spend?
Man: Actually talking to people? Probably about two or three hours a day.
Safa: Two to three hours a day?
Man: Yeah.
Safa: OK. What about you Sascha?
Sascha: Well, we were talking about Skype earlier, and I just got a Mac book that has the included video camera on the very top of it. So rather than using Skype, lately I've been using that if I want to talk to people abroad, because they have that chat thing through AIM. That's been really helpful and you can send files, and whatever else that you want and it's actually really fast now.
Safa: How about you Yasmin. How much time do you spend on IM and how do you use it?
Yasmin: I'd probably say an hour a day and mostly through AIM. I make my friend download music from Limewire and then I make her send it to me so I don't have to download it.

[laughter and clapping]
Yasmin: And then through Yahoo, mostly just talking and MSN is usually talking too.
Safa: OK. All right. OK, let's go to MySpace.
Yasmin: Woo!
Safa: [laughs] Let me see, one of you, Ryan, you described MySpace in an interesting way when you were talking. What do you think MySpace is to you?
Ryan: MySpace is like on Christmas morning when you go downstairs and there's the presents under the tree. Because when I sign on and I see that I have a new message or a new friend request or a new comment, it's like ta-da! I'm like so happy I can't wait to see who it is or what it is, what they have to say to me.
Safa: Is Ross still here? Yeah? OK, so just do a show of hands again how many people use MySpace here or have a page on it? OK, so pretty much everyone except Sheena and Pamela.

Let's start with you, Bernadette. How do you use MySpace and you said you recently started, right?
Bernadette: I recently started because my son told me I wasn't with it, so he showed me how to get a page. But I also realized that my 14-year-old son is 17 on MySpace.

Safa: Have a question? OK I'll come to that question for sure. OK. Who else? Let's talk about you Remy, your MySpace. How do you use MySpace and how much time do you spend on it?
Remy: Wow. I don't know. I get in so much trouble because my mom comes in and is like get off the computer, you have to go to school the next day. Because its so time consuming, fixing up your profile with your background and pictures and everything, so you can have a new page and show up the next day so your friends can be like oh, I like your MySpace it's nice. So, I spend a lot of time on MySpace. It's not an everyday thing, but three hours, two hours on MySpace.
Safa: You spend two or three hours on MySpace and you don't spend much time on IM I guess.
Remy: No, not really.
Safa: How much time do you spend on MySpace, John?
John: Probably about three hours a day. I leave it on all day, I leave it minimized and then I pop it up and click on home and check and see what I got.
Safa: How about you, Nick?
Nick: Probably two to three hours a day, checking to see if my profile is good.

Safa: I have some other questions, but I also want to intermix other questions in the audience, how are we going to ask the questions. Do they have mics or do they just shout them?

Safa: They don't need to sleep. I can't see much but if there are people who want to ask questions, just line and I'm going to keep asking until I hear someone say oh.
Michael Jensen: I'm Michael Jensen, National Academy Press, I'm wondering how many of you guys actually read books online, do you ever read anything that is in print.
Ryan: I read where they shorten the chapters to the books. I don't actually read the books.
Michael: Like Cliffs Notes.
Ryan: Spark Notes.
Michael: Cliffs Notes that kind of thing.
Ryan: Spark Notes.
Michael: Like summaries of Shakespeare so you don't have to read the play.
Ryan: Yeah.

Ryan: The day before it's due.

Safa: OK, next question.
Salim Ismael: Yes, Salim Ismael. I have a question for each of the panelists. If you could add one product or service to the internet, that would help your day to day life what would it be.
Yasmin: If I go on for an hour, I should get paid $5 for an hour.

Safa: Other then that, other then the access cost.
Bernadette: People Finder. Usually if you try to find someone, it'll send you to a website where you have to pay to find someone. And if I could do it free then I wouldn't bother paying for it.
Safa: What else, anyone else have a favorite that's not on there?
Sascha: I would say that security is a big deal for me. Not only for my kids, I have two teenagers at home. But also banking security is a huge issue and spam. Actually I have been a victim of identity theft online so it's even a bigger issue.
Safa: OK, let's go back to this side.
Raphael Ebrom: Raphael Ebrom, I had a question about browser choice, if we could to a quick poll on Firefox or IE or Opera, Safari.
Safa: What is a browser? Everyone know what a browser is?
Ryan: I prefer Firefox because it's more security. I like the firewalls and all the updates you can put on, like weather, down in the bottom of the screen and news updates and all of that stuff. And you can change the skin of your browser too, which I like.
Rafa: OK. Brian.
Brian: internet Explorer.
Rafa: OK, are you choosing internet Explorer or Firefox, or it just happens to be there and you've used it.
Brian: Oh no, I use that one. My mom uses the Mozilla Firefox.
Rafa: OK, but you don't like Firefox.

Brian. No. She set the cookies up weird. I don't know how to do it.
Rafa: It's your mom then, OK. Remy, do you know what browser you use?
Remy: I like internet Explorer. That's all I use.
Rafa: OK.
Woman: Firefox.
Rafa: Let's keep going.
Sascha: internet Explorer.
Woman: I've actually changed to Opera recently, instead of Firefox. I was having too much problems with the Firefox, so I've actually went to Opera.
Safa: Opera, all right.
Woman: Firefox.
Bernadette: internet.
Woman: internet Explorer.
Safa: Well this is interesting, I bet you two years ago most of the panelists wouldn't have known what the browser is.
Yasmin: It's true, because I was confused at first.

Safa: OK, let's go back to this side.
Dave McClure: Safa, this is Dave McClure, 500 hats. This is by far the best session, both last year and this year. Keep doing it and ask John for another 15 minutes. Put some seniors on a panel next year too. That would be great.

Dave: I'd love to know, of the time you guys spend online communicating with other people, how much time you spend in email versus IM. Then, do you have cell phones, and how much time do you spend using Cell Phones versus those others?
Yasmin: I use my cell phone like everyday, all day. I text, in class.
Safa: What do you use it for? To text?
Yasmin: To text and talk. And then for the internet, email. Usually my email is open all of the time, because I get distracted when I'm going to do an email, and the I go to use the bathroom and then I go dance and the I go to someone else's room and I come back and it's still up. So I'm not finished and its and all day thing. And then for IMing it's like an hour.
Safa: OK, anyone else? How do you use your cell phone and time among other things?
Woman: I use a cell phone, and I also use a cell phone to text to emails also, and then I also receive emails from my children through the cell phone. But I talk on the cell phone everyday. I think I use it for hours. But equally I use the computer just as much for emails. I spend more time for email then instant messaging because I don't have that many people to IM. But just as equal.
Woman: I generally use my email at work when I'm ever in front of a computer. I generally use my text messaging, because I don't have free calls until after nine. So I text and that's generally free. So usually for the most part it's email, and then once my minutes are available I use the phone as well.
Pamela: I have a Sidekick so I IM the kids, email, web browsing, phone, all the time.
Safa: OK, everybody uses email except for... Let me just quickly ask a kind of corollary question. Do you use internet to read news? I don't mean just check what happened, like election results, but actually read longer articles. Most of you said you don't watch TV except the kids or movies. The same way that you would use a magazine or a newspaper or a TV. Do you think any of you use internet in that way at all?
Ryan: On AOL, when it first comes up and you sign on, it has the top stories and sometimes I check those out or I got to if I'm doing research for something.
Safa: OK, who else. Sascha?
Sascha: I have Widgets on my computer so I put and it scrolls through all the latest headlines and checks by hour. I also have my weather there, too. So if I want to read the full article I just click on it and it goes straight to the page at
Safa: Anyone else?
Bernadette: I generally read the news online so I get a good laugh when I get a soliciting call asking me if I want to subscribe to the newspaper.

Bernadette: I hang up.
Safa: OK. Which side are we on?
Ian Kennedy: Ian Kennedy from Yahoo, I just wanted to ask about online advertising. Which advertisements do you recall and were compelling? And have you ever clicked on an advertisement?
Safa: That's a great question. If I may just rephrase it slightly: Do you remember the last advertisement you saw, the last time you were online?
Ryan: There is the advertisement where they squeeze the baby. Usually you play the little games and they get you to click on it and pop up ad comes up.
Safa: What's the company or product? Do you remember or was it just the baby?
Ryan: Travel companies and stuff.
Nick: Tribal Fusion.
Safa: Tribal Fusion. OK.
Woman: Netflix.
Yasmin: Yahoo Personals.
Safa: I think that I'm getting the mark that we are out of time. I though we had 45 minutes but I think we only had 30 minutes. Are we out of time?

Safa: OK, well we are having fun here. Join me in thanking our great Panel.

Safa: Thank you and we will see you next year.

Announcer: Safa Ratschy and his representatives of the desirable demographic and their parents at the Web 2.0 Summit.

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