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Simson Garfinkel on "Protecting Privacy with Translucent Databases"

by Tara McGoldrick Walsh
Linux Newsletter for 08/05/2002

Dear Reader,

Recent news reports have detailed the actions of Princeton University admissions officers who had broken into a Yale Web site and downloaded admission decisions on 11 students who had applied to both schools. Simson Garfinkel explains that Yale could have shielded its data from these attacks had it used a translucent database. Yet, with one notable exception--the Unix password file--translucent databases are practically unknown and unused in IT today. Find out why translucent databases make it impossible for anyone other than authorized users to get your data out.
Protecting Privacy with Translucent Databases

Computer-Aided Software Engineering is a term that can generally be applied to any system or collection of tools that helps automate the software-design and development process. In this article, David HM Spector discusses what is available for Linux.
CASE Tools: Large System Development

And in an O'Reilly Network interview, the editors of the "Python Cookbook" talk about putting together such a collective work, the unique challenges it presented, and the community effort involved.
Making the Python Cookbook

Also this week, John Coggeshall discusses PHP objects in more detail, including some of their more powerful features, such as inheritance and using objects as data-storage containers.
Introduction to PHP Objects, Part 2

And in this week's Security Alerts column, Noel Davis looks at a vulnerability in PHP; buffer overflows in Cisco IOS, Fake Identd, HylaFAX, and EnGarde Secure Linux's resolver libraries; and much more.

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Promiscuous Mode Problems

Finally, for the "unvarnished truth" about OSCON 2002, check out Andy Oram's report, where he says that the major open source and free software projects are continuing to develop and meet the challenges of the current computing industry.
OSCON 2002 Wrap-Up

Thanks for reading,

Tara A. McGoldrick
Web Editor
O'Reilly Network

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  4. Creating Audio CDs With Linux
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