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What's New and Different in VB .NET

by Steven Roman, Ron Petrusha, Paul Lomax

This excerpt is Appendix A from VB .NET Language in a Nutshell , published in August 2001 by O'Reilly.

This appendix is for readers who are familiar with earlier versions of Visual Basic, specifically Version 6. In this appendix, we describe the basic changes to the VB language, both in syntax and in functionality. (Readers familiar only with Version 5 of Visual Basic will also benefit from this chapter, although we discuss only the changes since Version 6.)

We also touch upon other changes to VB, such as error handling and additional object-oriented programming support.

In this excerpt:

Language Changes for VB .NET

Data Types

Integer/Long data type changes
Variant data type
Other data type changes

Variables and Their Declaration

Variable declaration
Variable initialization
Variable scope changes
Arrays and array declarations
Structure/user-defined type declarations

Boolean and Bitwise Operators

Changes Related to Procedures

Calling a procedure
Default Method of Passing Arguments
Optional arguments
Return statement
Passing property parameters in procedures
ParamArray parameters

Miscellaneous Language Changes

Line numbers
On GoTo
GoSub and Return statements

Changes to Programming Elements


String Functions


Graphical Functionality

Mathematical Functionality



Obsolete Programming Elements

Structured Exception Handling

Changes in Object-Orientation



Object Creation


Default properties
Property declarations

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