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The Month in BSD: April 2005

by Sam Smith


Worth reading

BSDCan 2005
May 13-14, 2005, Ottawa, Ontario

Only in America

New activist coordinator at EFF
(Danny O'Brien)

Making packager-friendly software
What every free software developer should read

BSD Certification Group's task analysis survey
"This survey will take approximately one hour to complete"

Related Reading

Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security
By Yanek Korff, Paco Hope, Bruce Potter

Linux kernel source control


FreeBSD January-March status report

Miscellaneous reading



Enhancements to Tiger


Live network backup
Back up your laptop filesystem to a server, in real time

NetBSD quarterly status report

NetBSD 2 for the office
"Install--reboot--start using KDE"

"A technical look at the OpenBSD operating system from a NetBSD perspective"
It's different. Author thinks this is bad.

Miscellaneous NetBSD


DragonFlyBSD 1.2 released

Post-1.2 development
(lots of it)

DragonFly's ntpd client

Next Month

Next month, we'll alter the publishing of this column. Rather than frantically writing the column around the first of the month and publishing it on these pages a few days later, I'll have it appear in my new O'Reilly Network weblog. Because I get to publish it, you will find out just how late it usually is. If you have any suggestions on other improvements we could make, feel free to

For those who find out about this column by RSS from my author's page, the URL of announcements won't change.

Until next month, when I'll appear somewhere over there -------->.

Sam Smith lives in Manchester, England, and works on interfaces to data. When he's not in front of a computer, he's usually in a theater, probably with MUGSS.

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