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The Month in BSD: March 2005

by Sam Smith

A month dominated by openness and ETech.


Worth reading
(I like the cottages)

BSD certification
(may be promising)

AOL changes terms of service of AIM
(change, deny it was changed, change it back in a few days)

New FreeBSD and OpenBSD book
(from O'Reilly; looks good)

Miscellaneous reading

Related Reading

Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security
By Yanek Korff, Paco Hope, Bruce Potter

Emerging Technology Conference (and others)


Mind hacks

"It should not be viewed by anyone"
(fun talk requiring a South Park-esque disclaimer)

The Tech Buzz game

Miscellaneous/around ETech

(South by Southwest)

Future events


Adaptec refuses to give documentation on rebuilding its RAID arrays
(hope and pray any discs you have on an Adaptec kit don't fail)

Wireless support
(eleven manufacturers are supported, but Intel, Broadcom, and Conextant refuse to give documentation) RAID array failing; funds needed
(no, it's not on an Adaptec card)

3.7 preorders and graphics
(CD and T-shirt sales fund the project; without it, none of the above happens)

Free and NetBSD

Xen stuff



Filesystem changes
(no background fsck; journaling instead)

Future work

Blocking SSH scanners

Sam Smith lives in Manchester, England, and works on interfaces to data. When he's not in front of a computer, he's usually in a theater, probably with MUGSS.

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