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The Month in BSD: February 2005

by Sam Smith

Welcome to another column. This month's column is brought to you by the word "backups," the number 0, and the computer shop across the road.


BSDCan 2005

Beastie flag

Blog design

Misc. reading


Comparing MySQL performance across OSes
(Covers methodology in the first article, then publishes results a few days later. People who don't like the results already accepted the methods. This is how all tests and results should be announced.)

First look at Solaris 10

Related Reading

The Complete FreeBSD
Documentation from the Source
By Greg Lehey



Theo wins 2004 Free Software Award
(For firmware activism)

OpenBSD on Zaurus update

FreeBSD logo contest
(Not to replace the daemon)

Interview with Matt Dillon


Jeff Raskin Dies
(Human-computer interface expert, best known for starting the Macintosh project)


Refreshed lines

Sam Smith lives in Manchester, England, and works on interfaces to data. When he's not in front of a computer, he's usually in a theater, probably with MUGSS.

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