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The Month in BSD

by Sam Smith

Hi, and welcome to a roundup of what happened in the BSD-related world in the last month. If you're interested in previous months, they can be found at DaemonNews.


OpenBSD 3.6 released
(now with SMP, new platforms, new daemons, and more security)

The new 3.6 song is "Pond-erosa Puff (live)."
"I'm sick and tired of these gol-darn words! n' laws n' bureaucratic nerds!"

Redistributable Firmware Wanted: Texas Instruments
(Can we redistribute a binary file so your hardware works, please?)

Redistributable Firmware Wanted: Intel

Miscellaneous OpenBSD

Related Reading

BSD Hacks
100 Industrial Tip & Tools
By Dru Lavigne


5.3 delayed slightly

Interview with Poul-Henning Kamp

`rm -rf / ` ^C

FreeBSD sysadmin training, December 7 to 10, 2004


Miscellaneous NetBSD

New platform: Iyonix
(Risc OS brings back memories ...)

DragonFlyBSD donates blade server to DragonFly

Installing via tftp and nfs
(would this work for other OSes?)

Matt Dillon video

Making debugging easier


Textmate causing a buzz
(looks cute)

Jonathan Ive speaks on design
(Apple VP of industrial design)

iPod Photo
(not lots more shiny than normal iPods)

Mac OS X Con

Mac OS X RSS roundtable

VT Supercomputer upgraded to Xserves


High-performance BSD

"BSD Success Stories" booklet
(BSD just works)

("All I see now is blonde, brunette, redhead.")

Miscellaneous reading

Why the BSDs include the license in the file

Sam Smith lives in Manchester, England, and works on interfaces to data. When he's not in front of a computer, he's usually in a theater, probably with MUGSS.

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